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Modern Porcelain Tile

Modern porcelain tile 

Modern Pocelain Tile : Anti Slip Tile , Satin Surface Tile  , Rock Surface Tile , Lappato Surface Tile , Full body Tile , Color Body Tile . Use As Kitchen Tile , Bathroom Tile .

Marble Look Porcelain Tile

Marble Look Porcelian tile 

Marble Look Tiles , Full -body Marble Tiles , Carved Marble Tiles , Matte and Polished Surfaces are available , Fully Express The Noble And Luxurious Texture, Suitable For A Variety Of Spaces , Such As Kitchen Wall Tile and FLoor Tiles , Bathroom Wall Tile and FLoor Tiles ,Living Room Floor Tiles , Etc.

Porcelain Slab

Porcelain Slab 

Slate tiles, with various specifications, such as 1200x2400mm 1200*2700MM, 3200*1600MM, 1800*900MM, 1000*1000MM, 800*2600MM ... Various varieties: such as marble pattern, solid color, matte imitation cement effect, etc.

Outdoor Tile

Outdoor Tile

Outdoor floor tiles, there are general thickness non-slip tiles, and 2CM thick tiles, the surface anti-skid degree is R11, R12, rich in color, sandstone, slate, granite, imitation cement, etc.

Porcelain MosaicTile

Water jet cutting tile mosaic can be used in various spaces, such as: living room fiture wall, bathroom floor non-slip, kitchen wall decoration, making the whole space elegant and stylish, and lively and agile

Ceramic Wall Tile

Wall Tile 

Wall tiles, now popular small tiles, matched with modern modern tiles, make the small space full of personality, and the active atmosphere makes the space casual and comfortable

  Tiles Manufacture Foshan Boli Ceramics Co.,Ltd, located in Foshan which famous as the Pottery Capital and the top construction ceramic manufacturing region in China.                                           

Basing on our " Sharing of Beauty creative" business philosophy QUALITY FIRST, INTEGRITY BASIS, we hold the principle of Customers are the first, providing quality fashion products to all clients.



 Technology-Leading Prodution Line  12-channel inkjet machine , 180-meter wide body kiln , daily output reaches 11000square meter per kiln , multiple production lines , high -quality research and developement  technology.

Company managememt 

Branding and brand communication for BOLI CERAMICS 

BOLI CERAMICS company , Make products with heart , Constantly innovate in technology, have strong research and development strength, and actively communicate with customers to make products suitable for the market .  



factory displays and

core technology.

Custermer decribe the tile , like quantity , size , glaze effect , design ect all detail to the factory , or send the sample to the factory 

The factory sales department discuss the with production manager to confirm if can produce , and confirm the demand with cleint .

According the produce situation , sales department negociate the price , and terms , and delivery all details with cleint , and sign the produce contract . 

The try sample send to cleint confirm after received confirmed try sample cost payment 25days.



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