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In 2017, mainly black and white ash, low saturation color ceramic tile opens the potential of clueless, plain coloured the ceramic tile with its modern fashion of modern style, concise and pure tonal, become one of the trend of domestic ceramic tile consumption trend. 

In 2018, the "details", "quality control" group, increasing consumer market is more and more emphasis on the sense of high quality, and even to ceramic tile products, is no longer the past concept of ceramic tile, no longer simply meet the basis of past performance, and to ceramic tile color, tactility, gray and so on are very fine quality requirements - 

the "details" has been a crucial criteria. Follow the waves surging consumer market, the tide of modern ceramic tile market, there is change, the extreme pursuit of "details" became plain and trend of modern brick, brands have begun to focus on the "details". 

Products of "war" quality upgrades for the battle of details before, consumer demand for ceramic tile quality basic is flatness, wear-resisting, prevent slippery wait for the pursuit of performance, most basic is also focused on brand performance on the quality of the pursuit. 

However, as the consumer upgrades, along with the Internet development and growth after 80, 90, is a group of "details" and "quality control", they have a new understanding on quality. "Shape of god does not like" products have been unable to arouse their interest, only details perfectly, can stimulate the interest group "quality control". They from the flatness, wear-resisting, anti-fouling sexual attention gradually into the basic performance of the attention to product details. Consumers pay attention to the details of the will cover the details of the texture rendering, the different local, Angle of light effect subtle changes ", "combined with pattern of natural touch", "the harmony of color and household space fusion" and so on various aspects. 

Therefore, modern tile market will say goodbye to "just like a modern tile" rough times, into the "modern tile just want details is well done" delicate era. For the product itself, the competition is the competition details of the product quality, the quality of the ceramic tile industry, competition from the product performance, to product details.