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Boli Modern porcelain tiles


With the trend of consumer demand for personalized, quality increasingly highlight, consumer pursuit of ceramic tile, composite texture details, to product of tiles of modern production technology put forward higher requirements. Applications, however, the traditional polishing and polishing process technology, production of products, not only in the tile surface effect in detail the lack of expression, and serious homogeneity, market competitiveness. Boli ceramics  thinks: "it is only through multiple composite superposition of fine process, can realize the subtle details and 'complex simple tile surface effect, can make the product more personality, more taste, more quality." This trend will drive Boli ceramics to improve production technology and improve production technology, promoting the development of ceramic tile production technology to high level. Ceramic tile industry into a new era of landscape reconstruction, "the battle of the products' quality is upgraded to a 'battle details", "humanities creation of composite texture, the pursuit of complex simple'", "fine process of composite superposition" became plain modern brick three trends. Therefore, the future market recognition of ceramic tile products, must be on the "details" of present. In 2018, the product "details" as important a brand to be completed, ordinary "the performance" already can exit, vulgar "quality" of the thinking, lack of effectiveness, the design of the product details, innovation, rendering is 2018, and the trend of the future, multi-dimensional details "war" has begun! Only win battle "details", get the favour of mainstream consumer groups.