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Yes, this is the national style boutique you have always been thinking about!



The empty mountain is bathed in new rain, and the arrival of night makes people feel that it is early autumn.

Autumn and September

BOLI national style new products come out again and become brand-new

5 new products, moving

Or into the beauty of snow mountains, or into the charm of silk and bamboo lines

Or integrate into traditional culture, or integrate into the essence of years.


Tianshan white

Holy snow mountain white



Tianshan snow clouds often don't open

Qianfeng Wanling snow Cuiwei

BOLI Carrara super white is pure snow white

It shows the noble and unique natural beauty


90 ° bright surface, smooth and delicate

Like snow shining in the sun

Pure and elegant, bright and advanced

There is an extraordinary beauty


Braccia light grey

90 ° textured grey


It is made of precious gray marble

While retaining the texture of the raw material

Through the harmonious transition of color

It gives products more modern vitality

90 ° glossy surface, bright and transparent

Delicate light and smooth touch

While magnifying the beauty of the original texture

It shows the light luxury charm of BOLI braccia light grey



Give life more gold


Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and status

Ancient Chinese emperors and nobles respected gold

BOLI flowstone breaks through the limitations of traditional design

Add more gold color to the current popular gray

Marble + gold wire

Dual noble design

Modern light luxury grey + traditional noble gold

Add a luxurious temperament to your composure


Copper donamite

Beauty lies in meticulous detail


10 exquisite marble texture design

It presents a modern dark gray tone

With crisscross white rhyme

Gray and white blend, natural


Although there is no prosperity

A cup of wine and a chant are enough to express your feelings

BOLI copper donamite, silk into rhyme

Beauty lies in meticulous detail


Fintail blue

Light up the drunk beauty space


The thin shadow slants horizontally, the water is light, and the dark fragrance floats at dusk

This poem is used to describe the beauty of plum blossoms in the evening

But it's used on BOLI fintail blue

It's also the most appropriate

The white stone pattern on the black gray background extends wantonly

Like beams of light, cutting through the misty twilight

Bring different visual enjoyment

The beauty of gray tone is not limited to one style and is very durable



—— END ——