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The real new Chinese style design is old-fashioned and expensive. Bring it to you!



"Only the breeze on the river and the bright moon in the mountains can be heard and become beautiful when seen". In ancient times, the mentality of scholars living in seclusion in the mountains was incisively and vividly depicted. Although they failed to meet their talents, they can still calm their mood and have fun from it.


The temperament of Chinese literati has been inherited and developed in a long history. The internal cultural self-cultivation and external artistic self-cultivation are combined in both directions, forming a living space consistent with their own temperament, containing the charm of tranquility, being free from vulgarity and being open-minded.





·Living room·


▲Living room  BOLI Braccia


The new Chinese design pays attention to the principle and symmetry, harmonizes the indoor ecology with the concept of yin-yang balance, and creates a Zen like rational and quiet environment with gray, with a strong and long lasting charm. The design takes "simplicity" as the way, and creates a Chinese living environment with rich texture step by step by carefully grasping the details such as material, color, shape and atmosphere.


The living room is dominated by a square spatial layout, and things are virtually symmetrical to each other. With the towering scenery of natural mountains and rivers, scholars can also cherish the broad mind of the world, break the traditional Chinese pattern, integrate subjective spirit and objective design, and create new space taste.


▲Living room  BOLI Carrara super white


Different from the traditional Chinese style, which pursues too much solemnity and elegance, the new Chinese style space refines the modern fashion color elements and simplifies and enriches them. The floor tiles are light colored "karala", with smooth linear texture and free light quality. The space presents Chinese traditional feelings and is more artistic at the same time.






It is an ideal living state for ancient literati to live without the chaos of silk and bamboo and the labor of documents. Following the environmental design that literati liked, in the modern new Chinese soft clothing style, the symmetrical layout is adopted, the simple and elegant cloth art of the bedroom is light and comfortable, creating a quiet and elegant living atmosphere in details, and creating people's mood at the same time.


▲Bedroom  BOLI Wooden series


Nothing can better express the introverted temperament of Oriental culture than natural log material elements. Boli wood grain series is selected for the ground of the master bedroom and the second bedroom. The natural and fresh logs and the pure and straightforward texture expression form are the ultimate beauty of human space given by nature.


▲Second bedroom  BOLI Wooden series


The temperament of new Chinese style is the sum of internal cultural cultivation and external art design forms. It is the Oriental beauty containing a large number of Chinese elements. It is simple and natural, elegant and implicit. The natural scenery of exotic mountains and rivers is combined with the Moxiang home. The atmosphere of the whole space reveals the atmosphere of mountains and rivers, the quiet and comfortable life dances, and the broad and pleasant mood of literati arises spontaneously.




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