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Whose courtyard is alive and fragrant



Urban civilization to the left, natural landscape to the right

Let's start here

Weaving life longitude and latitude

Entering is the ambition of going to Zhongding

Retreat, is the leisure of the game mountain forest

It's better to hold balance than to attack and defend

A tiger in the heart can smell the rose



daily necessaries

Music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry and wine


Life has a kind of plain and moving beauty

Waiting for a light start


Fold mountains to manage water, shrink the ground into an inch

If you don't build a mountain, you can tell the island of Maolin

If you don't use water, you will become a sea of clouds

One eye in a thousand miles, one punch in a hundred stitches

It is very delicate and broad

Sitting on the porch, everything is updated

From garden to courtyard

From garden to bonsai

We keep shrinking nature

It is also constantly sublimating the art of beauty


A bowl lotus, can nourish a room elegant

A wall of pink wall bamboo shadow, enough to make the mind swaying

A stone from Taihu Lake can take care of the world's scenery

When we learn to savor

Elegant residence is a kind of cultural consciousness



BOLI Braccia . Concerto from waves and stones

Indulge in fantastic ideas

The end of creation

Waves can also take pictures in an instant



The water is shining and the time is long

Think of the colorful world behind you

The light, wine, and green are reflected and blurred

A wave of light

It is light and lovely, and the tentacles are warm and cool

Layer by layer, decontamination to flashy and restless

Let the state of mind return to clear



BOLI Braccia . Beige

There is no momentum of rolling up thousands of snow in Su Shi's poems

But it is as clear and transparent as water

Inadvertently calm people's hearts

| Exclusive double product lamination technology + 3D inkjet printing, with 6 sides of design, layer by layer depicting natural texture, high-definition restore three-dimensional texture

| 46 polishing processes are added to present a multi-level and personalized light quality surface, which radiates confidence



BOLI Braccia . Beige



Water knife with wavy pattern

Graceful as Waltz

Forward and backward, roundness and fluency

As handy as in life


| Different thick and thin lines cross and shuttle, embellishment elegant life taste



BOLI Braccia . Light grey

Thin shadow horizontal oblique water, dissolve the beauty of banyan light and shadow

Morandi high grey

The most gorgeous is plain

Gorgeous but not eye-catching


| Italian imported pigment + Boli exclusive color control technology, showing three quiet colors of beige, light gray and dark gray



BOLI Braccia . Dark grey


You don't have to worry about the choice

Beauty and practicality

Is the best motto of a good craftsmanship