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Texture life is going to be like this!



Quality of life, live up to love!



Clothing, food, shelter and transportation

The easiest thing to do with is to live

The most secure thing is to live

"How do you spend your day at home?"

We answer every day after the epidemic




Pick up the frozen watermelon in June

Put on the Mori quilt cover, fill the dream with the color of summer

Warm orange light covers the cold in the night

Coffee, chocolate, magazine Novels

Food and books are both indispensable

Not for praise, not for price

I just want to love myself




No more fun with Ge You Tan

Instead of thinking about how to get up early without pain
It's better to keep up early

Empty yourself in the nearest place to nature

The world is full of variables

How can we settle down, make a decision, make a choice and be compatible

Calm down and give yourself room to rethink




Dress up your balcony

It's not just for the scenery at home
Also to light up the scenery in other people's eyes

With care, company, just become a family

With the watch, help, called the neighborhood
We warm each other and believe that the future will be better

Also firmly believe that money is not the most important

Those who hug you in the dark are




Winter goes and spring comes

We had the longest holiday ever at home

Or Spring Festival?

It may also depend on your home


铂丽陶瓷  BOLI Inkjet cement


Real vacation

You don't have to stay away from the mundane routine

Freedom and comfort depend on mood

Boli ceramics, natural cement mix

It's Zen, and it's also a pleasure to return to nature



铂丽陶瓷  BOLI Braccia light grey


Simple beauty

Simplicity is not simple

Rough stone pattern, warm and grey tone

BOLI Braccia light grey is rigid and flexible

Give life a steady strength



铂丽陶瓷  BOLI Carrara super white


In the impetuous moment

We were in a hurry

One side yearns for peace

BOLI Carrara super whitea pure land

Only when you are calm can you think far



铂丽陶瓷  BOLI Agate grey


Sprinkle with ink

There is poetry at home

On one side, it's like flowing clouds and flowing water

BOLI Agate grey

In the dream, outside the dream, the landscape has been in the side

铂丽陶瓷  BOLI Copper donamita