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Since the mountains and rivers good texture, atmosphere elegant hall



Cambrian Century

500 million years ago

Wind erosion, rain erosion, changes of mountains and rivers

The earth has a distinct outline

The mountains are continuous, majestic and magnificent

Junyan everywhere, unique shape, magnificent


Humanity is

All good things are in memory

All memory is the story of time

Time flows and precipitates

A new look for the earth

And the trace of the continuous mottle is collected by nature

Although full of vicissitudes, but deep charm



All kinds of landform are decorated with marble

Uncanny craftsmanship, in the silent place

Rough and fine freely interweave, continuous

The natural gas radiates through this

All things are even



The most original natural scenery

Every thread seems to be changeable

In fact, there is a degree of thickness and relaxation

Three dimensional and flowing

natural beauty


▲ BOLI stone mix·natural beauty of stone texture


The pattern is like a flash of lightning

Or like rain and dew

Powerful landing, silent moistening

The fusion of strength and tenderness

Smart artistic conception, self-interest



▲ BOLI stone mix·years of real style


Form, rhyme, color and texture

It's like walking in a gray field

The beauty of obscurity and the beauty of wildness complement each other

The vast world, generous magnanimous


▲BOLI stone mix·elegant space


Through the heavy rock wall

It's bright and comfortable

It is a quiet and peaceful charm

Blend in black and white, wood color of the realm

Tangible, colored and intentional

Is infinite warmth


▲BOLI stone mix·tranquility, luxury and beautiful artistic conception


One pattern and one color

One window and one mirror

Anger flowed in silence

Quiet, clear, ethereal

No publicity, no dullness

Elegant and elegant


▲BOLI stone mix·clean and comfortable, very elegant


Natural and elegant

High level enjoyment in the city

Welcome to enjoy

BOLI stone mix