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Weave the avenue of stars and enjoy palace level luxury



Carpets were originally special items for the court

It is woven with cotton, hemp, wool and silk

Shop in the main hall

It shows solemnity, nobility, romance and luxury

The world's bright Cannes Film Festival is full of stars

Global stars walk the red carpet in Chinese clothes

Infinite glory and honor


The world's first seven-star hotel

The brilliant pearl of the Persian Gulf - Dubai sailing Hotel

Even the carpet is a masterpiece

It is a masterpiece of traditional aesthetic technology to decorate the atmosphere of the space

In the place with beautiful scenery, it is paved with resplendence



Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, has poems


Pick silk, practice thread, dye it red and blue, and weave it into a blanket on the incense hall

Exquisite carpet decoration

It takes a stitch of ingenuity to outline

Exquisite quality life

It needs careful management by one side


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The sky longitude and latitude are interwoven vertically and horizontally

Golden years, everywhere scenery

With a broad pattern

Grand plan of life

Zhijiu Xingguang Avenue

BOLI Seattle·zhijiu xingguang avenue


The cotton grain is densely covered and stands on the fine woven surface

Crisscross, calm and elegant

Such as between the beauty and the red carpet at Cannes Festival

Lifelike shape and color, soft and beautiful

BOLI Seattle·the cloth design is very warm


Light beautiful gray white, elegant deep blue

The irrecoverable beauty leaped

Whitewash the hall like a wisp of neon

Every eye is graceful

Comfortable, pure elegance


BOLI Seattle·elegant colors are very comfortable


Highlights and shadows, hardness and softness

Unique static harmonious beauty

It's a pleasure after a busy traffic

It is the joy after a hundred turns

A complicated life

That's what we need


BOLI Seattle·candy is sweet


The space is decorated, showing elegance and luxury

Big art in big space

Little by little, colorful

In close proximity, hide a world


BOLI Seattle·low key luxury and more atmosphere


Elegant but extraordinary, gorgeous but not greasy

Advanced art integrated into space

Every step is carefully taken

Show the style of life