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There is Maybach at home, and the temperament will come up at once




Gallop switch

Wearing a metal coat, it is hard and strong

There is a starting engine, tremor and roar, which is the power of speed


Some people say

Cars are an extension of men's power

Supreme luxury car

It is the ultimate dream of enterprising men

The world's top luxury car

Belong to

Bentley, Maybach, Rolls Royce

King C - Maybach



The first Maybach came out in 1921

100 years ago

It was the Royal car of the early German royal family

Strong historical background

Outstanding temperament

He is all domineering

Incomparable, incomparable



The double m sign stands at the front of the car

Powerful and proud


It's Maybach

It's man

It's metal



World War II

From absolute glory to disappearance

And then gradually resurrected in 2002

Maybach represents

Noble elitism is indelible

The tenacious aristocratic temperament will not be convinced

Heavy metal feeling

Dazzling halo under light

A tall and slender body

Kito Maybach

High cold noble Aura

Like Centennial Maybach

Cheer only for successful people


▲BOLI SAMEAL·High cold temperament



Metallic temperament

It seems mottled, deep and shallow

It seems to have withstood the test of years



Black shows the noble spirit of sacrificing oneself

Brown can also release infinite glory

The two are equal

They all have great attraction



A masterful product

Like in the light

Dazzle and jump with brilliance

Create an amazing majestic



Noble but not luxurious

High cold stability

Wherever it is, it will be the protagonist

Say it's avant-garde or rock fan

It doesn't matter

It is a fashion

An aura of love


There are gullies in the heart and mountains and rivers in the eyebrows

Big pattern, high realm

The king's spirit is a man's true color


Welcome to taste 






— END —