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One sand and one world, the purity and elegance of smart and clean space



One sand, one world, one flower, one heaven

Walking in the vast desert

Only when you have a vast field of vision can you see

"Desert smoke straight, long river down"

The sky is melodious and the clouds are shining. It's fascinating



On the quicksand

The sky is high and the clouds are wide

The sand is clean and neat

Wave ups and downs, crystal bright

Moving with the wind, vivid

Natural beauty and smart purity

It's something you can't find in a city full of tall buildings




Fine particles, natural taste

Primitive beauty carved by wind and sun

Under the sunlight

Jingjing is shining and happy

The sky is clear, the sand is clean, and the heart is relaxed and happy


Inspiration from quicksand

The interweaving of light, shadow, sand and stone is more violent and free

Boli sandstone

Blending of gravel grain and sedimentary grain

A collection of unrestrained and introverted in one

Into the wild innocence of nature

BOLI Sandstone·Natural elegance


Different light, different sand color

Different colors make different mood

Day, such as the quiet beige, like the sun cast gorgeous

Night, deep and steady dark gray, like the serenity of sleeping at night

Beige, light grey or dark grey

All exude a soft and not absolute

Be gentle and pleasant

Whisk away the noise, the mood as cool as into the sky



The grain of quicksand has tension

The layering of depth is a kind of flexibility

Harmonizing wind, harmonizing light

It's a natural taste

Take a close look

You can see the rolling marks of the wind

And full of stars

As if in a state of freedom



32 pass polishing process

Finely polish the fine texture

Only then can manifest that original purity

Like to watch "desert sand like snow, Yanshan moon like hook"

I prefer the delicate and moist antique noodles

Overflow of exquisite painting



At a glance, you can see the vast desert

Spread out like a long scroll, and people roam in the painting

Between the square inch, receive elegant and heroic in the eye


The vast sand and yellow sky

Enjoy the desert scenery and express your broad mind

Welcome to enjoy

BOLI sandstone