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To simple to quiet • elegance as the order | silence micro cement should be the most beautiful




The blue waves are rippling with a touch of fragrance, and the shadow of the book is shaking and drunk.

Sipping half a cup of sweet dew, bowing down and sighing, I feel the time is long.

Time for a cup of tea

Look at the high sky and the clear clouds, and listen to the wind and the birds

Only when you feel like tasting tea can you be calm



Design thinking


The design concept of the project comes from the recent popular micro cement quiet wind. The original intention is to express the silence of living in the Zen forest far away from the world, and the simple design is integrated into the simple beauty; This seemingly "inconspicuous" simplicity is expressed through the decoration of micro cement and micro cement ceramic tile materials, so as to explore the silent beauty of incomplete forms and imperfect things.





Based on nature, it integrates life and Zen Art, and strives to convey the characteristics of cleanliness and simplicity in space. In front of the French window, the sunny day is intense, the clouds are foggy, the foundation is moist and the rain is half sunny and half overcast, and the changes of the outside world can be seen at a glance. There is linkage and dialogue with the space, forming a vision penetration.


Watching the scenery step by step, the four seasons of the year turn naturally, leaving traces of unspoken time. There are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool wind in summer and snow in winter, so it adds a bit of flowing vitality to this quiet and Zen space.


▲ Space tile ·  BOLI「Tuscania」


The windows open from north to south, making the space very transparent. The texture is more, the color is less, and the shape of sofa tables and chairs is simple and neat, without unnecessary burden. The dynamic vision of natural light reflects through glass and collides with space, presenting visual tension in light, shadow, material and geometric structure.

At this moment, the micro cement ceramic tile floor is like adding a layer of natural filter, which is comfortable. Life is so self reliant that you don't have to be cramped.


▲ Space tile ·  BOLI「Tuscania」




The whole public space is dominated by light gray micro cement, decorated with wood colored furniture, connecting the living room and dining room; The emerald drunken wood stands tall and upright, like a still life oil painting, integrating tranquility into the frame and showing endless vitality and interest in the painting.




▲ Space tile ·  BOLI「Tuscania」


The facade naturally divides the space line of sight, the moving line is clear and reasonable, and the soft decoration collocation point to the end, giving the whole more imagination and thinking space, which largely expresses a simple and free life attitude of residents.


The addition of simple wooden stool gives people an emotional nostalgic experience.


▲ Space tile ·  BOLI「Tuscania」


The designer appropriately used the materials of micro cement tiles and soft clothes without any modification, returning to the original appearance, retaining the natural deformity, presenting a sense of age and roughness, and creating a simple and quiet beauty.


Art originates from life, and life is nourished by art. The quiet "ethereal" sense the direction of the heart, and the emotional exchange between space and people.