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How many ten years in life, it has been on fire for five full years




If you have been to the Louvre Museum in France, you will be impressed by the world-famous classical paintings and sculptures, and even more impressed by the typical French classical buildings, whose facade is rough marble, which is soaked with more than 800 years of history and culture. After the changes of wind and rain, it still remains weathered and brilliant.





As one of the oldest building materials in the world, stone is famous for its strength and durability. Natural stones are carefully carved and stacked, bearing the local cultural imprint in the long river of history.


The use of building materials according to local conditions can often reflect a certain local nature of buildings, and the combination of modern materials can often make buildings collide with special effects. Boli replica art classics, taking sandstone, a product of nature, as the prototype, add historical and cultural charm to modern space decoration by restoring the original texture of weathered sandstone.



After years of abrasion and weathering of stone, using modern materials, their collision will produce an artistic carnival. Sandstone, which has been selling well since 2017, has created an ideal humanistic secret place for countless lifers.







Color: beige, gray, dark gray


Inspiration from century old sedimentary rocks


Enjoy the wild texture as you like


The design texture of this sandstone is the result of hundreds of years of crustal activity. Under the action of certain temperature and pressure, the texture plane contains rocks and minerals encountered along the way, so it has multifaceted surface elements, interwoven with a variety of sandstone shapes and colors, or formed soft sand rivers, or collided into hard irregular rocks, showing beige, gray and dark gray with age marks respectively.




The surface of litchi is rough and uneven, like the dense holes chiseled on the qualitative surface with a chisel, like the effect of water drops dripping on stones over the years.


Not only should the master's paintings look at the original work, but also his brushwork and expression can be shocking. The ceramic tiles should also be carefully studied. The details of the same frequency resonance are full of soul. It turns out that a brick can breathe.




The thick glaze material restores the powerful aura of natural stones. The frank and simple gray white texture perfectly reproduces the fault of lava, leaving a meandering mottled mark with the passage of time, presenting the vicissitudes of ancient beauty and a unique style.


Every sandstone surface has left traces of crustal movement, flowing magma hundreds of years ago, and has a secret history.




Reuse this extreme nature, inject a sense of nature into the space, and let the beauty of nature fall into thousands of households. The matte texture adds a lot of color to the spatial tonality with pure and beautiful visual feelings and realistic rock sections. It is like being in nature, trickling, and the layers of Royal sandstone are densely distributed on both sides, wide and upright, with a wide field of vision, which brings the most rustic shock to the space.



Looking at the night sky, the stars in the universe will flash and be forgotten by time and space; Looking at heaven and earth, the ups and downs of sandstone in the sea and the silent boulders on the earth will show people with texture and tell us the story of years. Who doesn't love the beauty of sandstone.



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