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How to choose a leisurely wooden tile?



For us living in a busy city, the leisure, freehand and leisurely life realm created by the Japanese modern home is like a clear stream flowing slowly in our hearts, making people want to close their eyes and enjoy the rare peace.




The large area of wood color lays the foundation tone of the space. From the living room, dining room to the public area, the wood grain brick in the form of log BOLI nordic white oak is selected. The concave and convex texture is penetrating, the texture is rich, and the natural flavor is inherent. The natural beauty and health are rooted in the home, giving people a comfortable and comfortable feeling of warmth. Its color is calm and soothing, the temperature is just right, and it is warm and restrained.


▲ Floor · BOLI nordic white oak floor tile


The TV cabinet echoes with the wood grain brick on the ground, creating a simple and simple home atmosphere, and a natural breath comes to the face.


The TV wall uses large-scale ceramic tiles, the milky white surface desalinates the large-area wood veneer, and the light gray tables and chairs add a fresh color to the space, which does not allow the wood color to occupy the whole space, but causes aesthetic visual fatigue; The warm and cold tones reflect the distinct levels of space, creating a sense of quality and comfort of life.


▲ Floor · BOLI royal teak floor tile


Wood colored shelves are installed on the walls to place small objects that are frequently used by the owners. With a simple sofa, it has become a simple and enviable petty bourgeois life. In leisure time, it hides its capacity and bides its time, and improves the utilization rate in the limited space.


▲ Floor · BOLI royal teak floor tile


Between the living room and the dining room, the transition and division are only made in the way of floor tiles. The "Boli Morandi" metal texture is integrated with the Nordic white oak. In an instant, the whole field achieves a delicate balance, just like crossing the shackles of time, creating a fashionable home experience.


▲Floor · BOLI nordic white oak floor tile


The house itself has a good lighting advantage. With the careful arrangement of the designer, the natural light is spread in every corner of the room. The glass is fully transparent. The natural light and the indoor light have a harmonious light feeling.


The combination of gray and wood makes the space transparent and bright, and the ingenious decoration of "Nordic white oak" with gentle, elegant and wild spirit makes the space not too dull and adds convenience to daily life.


▲ Floor · BOLI royal teak floor tile


The combination of floor tiles gives a delicate and simple bathing space. The natural and peaceful wall surface appears clean and tidy. The wood veneer wash desk lets nature flow in quietly. After a day's tiredness and cleaning, you can enjoy a good night's sleep.



A spring breeze blows, and the gauze curtain swings freely with the natural breath. The home and nature are linked together, which is very natural and comfortable. The decoration feeling of this new house is like a spring breeze.