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Three styles, easy to handle the high-value living room



The living room is not only a place for family to stay at home, but also has the functions of receiving guests and working. It is the proper role of c-position beauty in the family.


When the decoration style of the living room is determined, it basically establishes the overall decoration style direction. At present, people have rich lifestyles, creating different decoration styles. The living room is no longer limited to the development direction of the traditional model, and there are a variety of derivative styles.



Advanced heavy color system


▲Living room ·  BOLI copper donamita


Simple heavy color system can best reflect the fashion taste. The whole space is mainly black-and-white and grey. The layout tone is handsome and free and easy. The floor tiles are dark "copper donomita", which is like a vast sea of stars in the night sky. The color gamut texture of tables, tables and chairs echoes the main color of the space.

The black design tends to be commercial, which adds a strong color to the masculine coolness of the space. The beige dining table takes the space away from the feeling of being too tough and relaxed; Different materials, different textures and unified colors, without complicated and trivial existence, have a very personality.


▲Living room ·  BOLI copper donamita


The avenue is simple, and the charm of the architectural space can be perceived with a few strokes. The light grey floor tiles are more flexible and dynamic than the dark ones, and the dark blocks are dotted around the living room to increase the sense of space power. The pure and simple structural form weakens the sense of embarrassment brought about by the small area, and the overall rationality is very practical.


▲Living room ·  BOLI copper donamita



Warm cream style


The current popular cream style is an extension of the modern simple style. It pays more attention to cleanliness and directness in details. The color matching lies between off white and milky coffee. Low saturation is easier to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, so it is deeply loved by young people.



▲Living room ·  BOLI braccia


With warm gray as the basic tone, the way of large-area unified paving is selected. The warm background wall "braccia" makes the whole space form a romantic sweetness. With simple and personalized sofa tables and chairs, it is clean, experienced and high-grade.


The combination of cream style and modern simple style presents a creamy, low-key and gentle effect. A large area of tile paving is like sunshine and fallen leaves, creating a harmonious beauty in the overall home environment.



Fine cement


The minimalist style has been deeply engraved in the hearts of contemporary people. The simple and tonal Zen style of color matching is the expression of self spiritual pursuit and demand release, which interprets the simplicity and elegance of simple and quiet things.

The "naked" color of micro cement runs through the space, conveying the characteristics of quiet nature in a rough and sad posture.



▲Living room ·  BOLI puro


Neutral tone and texture together create this very charming space.

The warm gray floor tile " puro " cement has a rich texture. After fine polishing, the clear and refreshing texture presents a quiet and stable polished surface, which makes the space emit interesting temperature; Yu Jifeng's flower art selection is more fresh and elegant than the conventional one, mainly through the slender flower branches to reflect a different charm.


▲Living room ·  BOLI puro


Home must play the role of a safe haven. The attitude towards home is the attitude towards life. The style does not need to be deliberately created. As long as the style and temperament are right, it will be natural and form a unique aura of the residence.