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Everyone praised the cream style, and I watched 3000




Happiness comes from "simple life", discovering the true and unique self, maintaining the peace of mind, and excavating and developing the enthusiasm, truth and significance of life in ordinary life.


Simplicity is the way to calm the endless noise outside and return to the inner self; Simplicity is becoming a new life proposition. The beauty of silence comes from simplicity into the soul and warmth into the heart. Cream is a warm cure, which can make people relax physically and mentally and feel the tranquility and beauty of life.



The design inspiration of cream series comes from: Cream with dense and warm texture, sweet and healing color, soft, round and delicate touch, which interprets a new and simple philosophy of life. When you observe life with a new vision, you will find that simple things are full of charm, which is the free spirit you yearn for.




The Japanese cream style pays more attention to natural life. The warm yellow color is added to the micro cement texture, which makes the texture more gentle and powerful. Compared with the quiet wind, it has a trace of human fireworks.


Simple and elegant, quiet and soft

Beautiful classical charm


Antique Charm








Inspired by the German town of kohm, which has a history of more than 2000 years in Europe, it is quiet and simple, elegant and solemn. It takes a touch of retro warm yellow color to bring out a gorgeous and strong historical charm.


The original texture of the natural cave stone is engraved on the brick surface, which is fine and dense, and the shape is natural and elegant, bringing a warm atmosphere to the space.




Light and suitable warm yellow can be sweet and sexy to enhance the overall emotional effect of the space. At the same time, it is matched with gray tone home to show the ultimate quiet and peaceful mood.





Matching with log elements, floor tiles, tables and chairs, it is elegant and simple Japanese style, fresh and natural, and permeates the living space with the cream like elegant atmosphere; The circular arc sofa outlines the simple lifestyle, heals all kinds of fatigue brought by life, and reaps the double beauty of soul and vision.


▲ Antique Charm



Minimalism is the beauty of things, so is life.


Cream style pursues a simple beauty of plain color. The space built with simple and elegant materials is not only a residence, but also an elegant attitude towards life. It integrates the taste, aesthetics and spiritual sustenance of residents to create a personalized and lasting atmosphere.




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