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This time, we have understood the cement wind



Summer is coming, and the warm wind is warm. More and more people like to go outdoors, rock climbing, mountaineering, camping, hiking, and feel the pulse of nature. Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and pursue a higher quality of life.


Minimalism is also a door leading to a good and healthy life. A simple life with few things will return to nature. The simple and refreshing environment can make people happy physically and mentally, and help them think and create.


In the passage of years, the prosperity and splendor have long faded, but the simple things have been renewed for a long time. They should be the essence of life, simple and transparent, quiet and safe, as if time is its bonus. The micro cement tiles with simple style and low-key without losing texture bring a high-level sense of connotation when they come out; With simple vision and elegant taste, it is a household decoration method loved and respected by contemporary people.



Micro cement is not only popular in the direction of home decoration, but also used in many large-scale buildings in the world, such as museums, exhibition halls, architectural works, etc; Fair faced concrete is widely used in Shanghai Dragon Art Museum • West Bank Museum. The occasion it appears is always a high-grade place.



「BOLI Micro cement tile」

Texture master


BOLI Micro cement tiles have been researched, developed and designed for many years, and the products are diversified. In terms of technology, they combine light, touch, texture, color, size and other dimensions to create high-end elegant light texture products. In the gray tone, diversified colors are created, the original texture of clear cement is highly restored, and plain, simple and natural products are created


Skin texture


Application of spraying glaze, re carving glaze and other technologies

Create a fine texture, soft light and changeable quality

The surface texture is rich in details, which not only has the charm of cement

It also expresses the craftsman's focus on craft


Restore the truth


Adopt the purest and natural materials

Create a bumpy and mottled texture of cement with rich details

Original state of reduced cement

With a sense of fashion, literature and history


Color Aesthetics


Cement produced by cement blending

Diverse colors

With warm nostalgia

Decorate a variety of popular style spaces


「BOLI Luce」

Modern cement, simple and fashionable


The urban jungle of reinforced concrete is labeled as primitive, coagulative and cold. The water concrete is integrated into the tile design to create a popular "Luce". Its simplicity, elegance and simplicity move designers and are popular in all kinds of elegant interior design spaces.



BOLI popular product-“Luce” has been blended with a special process to produce a warm beige color, which weakens the cold of steel and cement, but retains the mottled texture of cement. The gray tone is haunted with simple freshness, and the skin enamel surface gives Detroit a warm and jade like temperament; Both conflict and harmony, rational and perceptual mutual transformation, constitute a rich level of home art.


Post era fashion

Elegant and exquisite


▲ F11126SV05


The light and warm yellow cement is extremely simple in shape and color, presenting delicate and soft texture and senses. The "lightness" of natural color perfectly neutralizes the heaviness of the cement, making the field more breathable and giving people an elegant and exquisite experience. The surface effect is soft and comfortable, making people return to a calm and low-key life.





The beauty of simplicity in hardness and softness


▲ F11126SV06


The light grey has a relatively neutral smell. The frosted texture and the rugged cement make the color have muscles and bones, but it also reveals a soft feeling and conveys the beauty of minimalism. The neutral color characteristics of light gray tone endow it with versatile personality, which is suitable for the spatial collocation of quiet wind, industrial wind, cream wind, etc.



Original clear cement is solid and steady


▲ F11126SV07


Medium grey is closer to the natural appearance of Qing cement. The texture of the original building is fine and tactile, depicting the impression of the city and conveying the modern and simple flavor. It is precisely because people are used to the existence of cement that medium gray Detroit is like a perfect space art, with a particularly comfortable visual experience. It is placed in the space to highlight the high-end fashion quality.




From cement to ceramic tile, from extremely simple style to cement style, explore the original aesthetic space with simple and simple materials, and deduce the natural and comfortable lifestyle of modern human settlements.


— END —