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Thousands of years of brilliant stack crystal, the achievement of dazzling atmosphere home



At the beginning of the earth's formation

Gravity attracts and condenses dust

The condensed dust turns into rocks

The rocks are weathered into rocks

Long standing between heaven and earth

Witness thousands of years of sea and mulberry field



Wind, sun, frost and rain

The external force of nature leaves its mark on the rocks

One by one, one by one

Record all the love of time

Let the change of years have a trace to follow



Rock is defined only by "vicissitudes"

It's too superficial

The profundity and profundity of thousands of years

Cast the stability and atmosphere of the rock

In the crystal of years

Radiate a unique natural charm


The heavy rocks are stacked up

Deep as a sea of clouds, heavy as smoke

Grey and white, the color of nature

It outlines the original appearance of the rock

Simple, mellow, elegant and grand


▲ BOLI   Rock stone · F7782


The poem says:

"A hundred years of stone fire, ten thousand fold cloud mountain smoke lock"


Layer upon layer

It's the face of nature

Deep and shallow

It's the grain of time

Straight extension of the rock layer, a piece of diffuse water stains

Stacked into a simple and exquisite appearance



The stars change and the time sequence changes

The dark rocks are washed away by time

Simple gray and white remains

And the sand and gravel brought a few yellow

Let the cool hard rock also have a little warm color


Simplicity and luxury are not contradictory

A fine crystal flash

It is the sound of nature, and the echo of art

Silk and fiber are stacked, and brocade is heavy

Millions of years of crystal

Shining in front of you



Su Shi said:

"It's because of all the green bamboos"


In the color of nature

Listen to the Millennium rhyme

Enjoy a calm atmosphere


Standing between the heaven and the earth, you will feel natural and wide

Read thousands of rivers and mountains, understand the beauty of time


Welcome to enjoy

Boli Rock stone