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This kind of marble tile is beautiful and advanced!



Marble, noble atmosphere, everyone loves

Home decoration, marble tiles is also the king of popularity to buy

It is luxurious and noble, is the standard of most family decoration

But now the market popular marble tiles

Only pursue the same brightness

Your family is like this, your second uncle's is like this, and so is your third uncle's

Aesthetic fatigue, no more advanced appearance



If you're decorating

If you have some taste and pursuit

If you want to spend the same amount of money

Home with more advanced clothes

Take a look at the 2021 popular marble tile BOLI new product


The following is a real photo taken by users from Thailand

There are pictures and truth, please appreciate them carefully


The Thai user has used Boli products all over the house

Focus on modern simple light luxury style

Even the staircase is made of Braccia series, a popular product of marble series

The stable gray tone echoes harmoniously with the armrest decoration of metal steel

It complements the brightness and thoroughness of glass

At a glance, full of advanced sense


Take a closer look

Different thickness, simple and uncomplicated marbling

It's right in front of you

Layer by layer clean and neat, greatly beautiful

What's more special is that

This marble tile is not a boring monotone

There is also an elegant antique flavor in the luxury

It's like seeing marble

The imprint of sanghaicangtian in the formation process



In the light of sunlight and light

The light perception of brick surface changes with light and shadow

Sometimes green, sometimes yellow, full of antique style

This is the charm of BOLI products



BOLI new products adopt ink jet and diamond glaze process

The change of the level of the original marble

Let the brick color have the uneven depth change of marble original stone in the transition

There is light and dark in the light

It seems that there is a collision between green gray and warm yellow tone in the stone


Both bright luxury taste and elegant cultural taste

This is the BOLI product

More high end marble tiles

The more you look, the better you look. The more advanced you look