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The aesthetic space like a paradise, I admire it!



Someone once met Taoyuan

The flowing water murmurs, the peach blossom deep place, the simple family, the good old happy child

Be content with one side, enjoy yourself, free from the noise

Detailed description, the heart of the past



Tao Yuanming of the Jin Dynasty wrote a tale of Peach Blossom Land

"When you meet the peach blossom forest, you walk hundreds of steps to the shore,

There are no miscellaneous trees, fresh grass and colorful fallen leaves. "

This is the beautiful scenery of Taoyuan

Peach trees, falling flowers

Beautiful and happy



"The land is flat and open, the house is just like a house, and there are good fields, beautiful ponds, mulberry and bamboo

The traffic in the fields is like a dog and a chicken. "


This is a safe haven

Idle cloud, house

Peace and contentment

Between the gods, I wish to settle here



Clear, flowing water

Between floating clouds

It began to rain with peach blossoms

Falling flowers

Walking room

With the fragrance of falling flowers

Fields, houses

Look around

Understand the ordinary satisfaction



This is a world of thousands

The indifference of one brick by one

YoMo is

The washing of the mind

The path of the secluded part

Flowers full of rain and flowers

A house surrounded by border and vegetable

White from tonight

Pile pieces

Became a dream

Quiet and leisurely


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Winding paths lead to seclusion, which is the starting point

Crisscross fields is the end

From accident

Return to love


Is also sharpening the life



It's like old rice paper


Taoyuan is in the yellow white


And it's not too much

We need to outline it in detail

The winding ash



In the morning, there was fog

The big piece of dimples slowly gathered and scattered

Falling down layers of crystal

Flash, shine

In this peaceful village

And suddenly there was

Immortal Qi




Maybe one side is happy

To be comfortable

A peach garden

The place of peace of mind is my family


Small bridge and flowing water

Idle clouds and wild cranes are never casual

It's about doing what you want

Beautiful scenery of Taoyuan


Welcome to enjoy

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—— END ——