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Morandi = absolutely beautiful!!



As a painter who rarely traveled far and spent his whole life in the face of those bottles and cans, George Morandi painted the beauty that everyone craved.



German artist Boyce said that everyone is an artist. The real art can be deeply understood and resonated by everyone. The reason why Morandi is recognized as a master is precisely because his pen touches the spiritual temperature of human beings, brings people long-term spiritual enjoyment, and touches the more sensitive nerves shared by human beings.



Some people read elegance from the extreme beauty of color, some people read Zen from the never publicized and not strong tone, and some people also realized the implication and tranquility, just like the long shadow pulled out by the sun in Bologna.


These deep interpretations not only stay at the level of painting language, but also touch the inner feelings of contemporary people. Art is great. Art brings mankind a better spiritual home.





Originated from Morandi's advanced gray color matching, it has been beautified. It is a confident technical control, a calm and restrained tone, a precise measurement specification, and an excellent color expression. It creates a completely stable brick surface, and perfectly interprets the temperament and charm in the classic works of art masters.


Quiet light moon white Morandi



▲Morandi FL76A101



Morandi's talent is to transform a group of ordinary utensils into eternal classics, use the basic hue pigments to superimpose each other to produce new colors, and then add a large amount of white to blend the light gray with different color tendencies. A little white tone brings out the overall texture, that is, what we call elegant and advanced.


BOLI  Morandi uses 3D inkjet printing technology, combined with fine fabric texture, to polish special dark lines. The details are rich and diverse, just like the color strokes drawn by painters on paper, with a thick and smooth touch.



In the projection and transformation of light and shadow, a touch of moon white Morandi brings a warm and fresh atmosphere, which is somewhat comfortable and quiet. At this time, the space is quietly flowing with charm, showing a calm and elegant epitome of daily life.


Calm and soothing Beige Morandi


▲Morandi F76A301


Morandi color system stresses that a certain proportion of gray is added to each original color tone to reduce the color saturation, so that each color is covered with a layer of neutral gray tone. High grade grey achieves a kind of emotional calmness and peace, and produces a sense of calmness. The beauty of grey comes from the indifference and indisputability.



The high-grade and elegant colors are easier to outline the shape and material of the sanitary ware. The seemingly simple brick surface seems to see the flow of time under the light and shadow. It is not difficult to compete and wait for it, lingering with the gentle and firm beauty.


Pure and fresh blue Morandi



▲Morandi F96A13


Different from the soft and gentle light gray color, the blue Morandi is more in line with the youthful spirit of young people's vitality. The elegant light texture has the ability to relieve emotions. It is beautiful but not vulgar. It implies muscles and bones, and the spatial plasticity is very high.



Blue Morandi can become the highlight of the whole space in the home, enhance the style, add fashion, and arouse people's spirit with a clear and vibrant tone, stimulate an optimistic attitude, and make the home life more youthful and energetic. It is suitable for the young generation who pursue personality and fashion.



At first glance, Morandi is a solid brick with soft colors. If you feel the delicate and moist luster with your heart, you can feel the extraordinary temperament of the city. It breaks the boredom and indifference of minimalism and inherits Morandi's unique verve temperament and spiritual core.


Whenever a storm strikes, our first reaction is to return to the world of life - "home", and home is not only a simple container, but also a harbor for healing our body and mind.





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