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Chasing the beauty of the polar region requires no distance



You must have seen the Disney animated film ice and snow

The kingdom of arendale

Frozen all the year round by Asha's magic

Since then, summer has been lost



In the high latitudes of the South / Arctic

There is a similar situation with arendel

The difference is that they don't lose the seasons

It's the alternation of day and night

There will be half a year of continuous darkness there

The real sense of "invisible"



And when the long polar night is over

The sun penetrated the thick clouds

The ice sheet on the sea began to melt

Rolling waves, broken ice and golden light

In heaven and earth, each other

All the words in the moment of ice and fire blend in front of

They all look a little pale

Perhaps only with the help of tangible media can we retain this fantastic beauty


▲  BOLI Copper Donamita·FP8126B18


Ice and snow, coast, sunshine

Everything is full of natural and unknown elements

Presented by Western oil painting technique

Unrestrained, free to spill

Sketch a picture from lost to sober

Original polar picture



Life needs romance

Ordinary space needs extraordinary embellishment

Mysterious blue and bright yellow

Like the day and night of the polar world

It's the collision of ice and fire

It's cold versus warm

Strong, open, full of visual impact



The polar regions are for many people

It is undoubtedly a vast and mysterious unknown place

And 600x1200mm large size

Unconventional design of 10 different textures

Moving polar beauty directly to home

Feel the unknown romance from zero distance


What we can't reach is far away

What can be touched is life

The beauty of art in life

Welcome to enjoy