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This cloth pattern tile is sold out!



Fabric tile

It is mixed with various raw materials

Have a simple and casual aesthetic feeling

Introduced into China in the 1950s

It was very popular because of the low price

But was labeled "rustic"


Since 2015

With the modern simple style becoming popular

Fabric tiles turn red again


However, the cloth tiles on the market

Most still stay in the era of "beauty is beauty"

Coarse texture, fancy color and disordered modeling

The design is stereotyped and cheap



It is also a fabric brick
's new products《Seattle》
In the process of R&D

From pattern to process, it has undergone 12 adjustments

Finally different and refreshing


BOLI Seattle

Fine natural crystal flash



Water mill+line



Say goodbye to the bold texture

《Seattle》follows the refined route

Small texture scattered

No dense sense of oppression

Keep simple and casual charm

At the same time, the beauty of simplicity and fashion



Seattle is a crossover

Large linear pattern sole, quiet and elegant

Small pieces of fragments, flexible

Appearance, distinctive and refreshing



Glitter candy glaze



In order to be more fashionable

Distinguish the bright light of the rotten street from the mediocre matte plane
「Seattle」uses the special candy craft of Brilliant

Under the light

Fine candy granules

Like the sun shining on the sand soaked by water

Sparkling and moist




Say goodbye to the sense of cheap and rustic

Texture, distinctive and refreshing


Fashion four solid colors



The beauty of cloth tiles lies in casual collocation

Four colors of 「Seattle」

They are all soft and advanced colors of simplicity

Farewell to the gorgeous and colorful traditional cloth tiles

Conform to modern people's minimalist aesthetic taste

Temperament, distinctive and refreshing




66 Classic Specifications



600×600mm,founder chic, very classic










True • Different cloth tiles

BOLI Seattle

Beautiful and fashionable, everyone praises

Love, take it home





— END —