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Carrara white&breccia, BOLI strongest CP!




Abbreviation of English Couple

Originally meant husband and wife, lovers and a couple

After that, it will become a pleasant and matching object

Such as star CP, screen CP, etc



During decoration, CP is required for soft decoration and hard decoration

High quality in household style

It's hard to match ceramic tiles

If you want to look good, you should also tie a CP

Color, texture, light sense, size

Everything should be considered



There is a group of recognized CPs in BOLI products

Temperatures match each other

They are the golden partners in ceramic tiles


Carrara white and breccia

The reason why it can become the best CP of BOLI

In addition to their own beauty and strength

And because they have a "common language"


All are elegant light texture



Carrara white and breccia

All are Yaguang products with quiet and elegant texture

Together, the temperament is not inconsistent



However, although both are yaguang, they are different

The plain and elegant breccia is gentle after years

There are twelve sides of carrara white stone, all of which have small surprises

The aesthetic feeling of fashion is not monotonous, and the three-dimensional texture is layered

Yaguang space can also play tricks








They are all of various specifications



Breccia and carrara white

All have 1200x600mm and 600x600mm

The upper wall and lower floor are of the same specification, and the space of perfect butt joint is neat

Even if it is cut and patched, it can be easily sewed

Perfect size



Of course, it is not enough to rely on common ground together

Perfect CP also needs its own personality

Form complementarities with each other

To keep it fresh





The marble texture of carrara white is elegant

The stone patterns meet and disperse, sometimes soft, sometimes heroic

Elegant, self-contained

The rock texture of breccia is flat and fine

The simple stone pattern shows traces of time

Stable, natural and quiet

One is artistic marble, the other is stable stone pattern

Dynamic and static are appropriate, which is really a good match




Elegant white+advanced grey



Clean white background of carrara white, elegant and pure

Trani's plain grey, elegant and advanced

A single piece of white, thin

A single piece of gray, showing depression

Classic gray and white matching, eternal popular color

How to take the senior








Carrara white&breccia,

The strongest CP among the popular products of BOLI

Easy to handle, high appearance of home

You deserve it




— END —