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Copy your homework! The balcony was renovated by neighbors, and 4 plans were presented!



Someone said, "The balcony is the place closest to the sky, and it is also the place to meet all the fantasies of urban people." The balcony at home seems to be the only window connecting the blue sky. My own time is going home in the moonlight after work, and I am busy. But more often, I want to raise several pots of flowers and look up at the sky.



However, if you want to use the balcony space for decoration, you have to ask people to do their homework and design the small square meters. Today, we will share the current popular use of balcony space, open up new ideas, expand new directions, and copy your homework as soon as possible.




Small family shows big open shop

City view room

— —


For a small family or a family with a small living room area, the floor tile paved balcony is definitely a magic weapon of a small family. The load-bearing wall between the living room and the balcony cannot be removed, but the pass can only be left. In order to maintain beauty, the wall is made into an arc shape, with the blessing of geometric sense and arc degree, the space transition visual effect is more soft, and the conventional hard design is broken to create a modeling space with artistic temperament. Light strips are set along the edge of the ceiling, which subtly weakens the boundary between the balcony and the living room, and makes a seamless transition into one, adding a sense of small family atmosphere.



Simple life has become the best choice for many young people. No carpet, simple tea table, a leather sofa can meet the needs of daily hospitality and leisure. With less furniture, cleaning can be done with a sweeping robot, which is really convenient.



That's it! Balcony+living room=big living room



Residential teahouse

Connect function space

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A purple clay pot

A handful of aged Pu'er

A wood beaker

Is the world of one person


▲ BOLI blue slate


The teahouse in the new era lacks the ancient people's sense of naturalness, but it also introduces the space and environment for new tea tasting. The comprehensive embodiment of utensils, nature, tea people, ornaments, furnishings, etc. is also the space popular.


The balcony is extended and high, leaving a square of heaven and earth, and the ceiling is made of special glass, which makes the lighting transparent, just like a paradise of peace and contentment. It seems that the two spaces are actually a whole. The balcony takes over the living room and the tea room. The tile paved floor connects the two dynamic areas, one is bright and the other is dark. There is a tea room, which can be large or small, exquisite or simple. What is important is that it can make people quiet and care for the voice of the soul.



New Chinese style with distinctive levels

Dividing regions— —


Homeowners who understand inheritance are also fond of innovation and know the spiritual soil of Chinese traditional culture, and will definitely choose the new Chinese style decoration style.


▲ BOLI blue slate


The new Chinese style is very particular about the level sense of space, just as the owner opens the balcony to connect the living room and also lays different floor tiles, clearly dividing the area, through this new way of separation, shows the beauty of the level of Chinese home.


On the basis of some simple shapes, the windowsill planting flowers and grass adds Chinese flavor, making the overall space feel more rich, large but not empty, thick but not heavy, stylish but not oppressive. Design comes from life, and life is higher than design.


▲BOLI blue slate



Petty bourgeoisie pastoral school

Balcony garden

— —


Half open the balcony and open one window and one door. "There is a garden in the house, a house in the garden, a courtyard in the house, a tree in the courtyard, and a moon in the sky." This is the yard described by Lin Yutang, and also the ideal yard in our hearts.


▲BOLI blue slate


The balcony is also planted with flowers and grass, and the leisure elegance that cannot be entrusted to the landscape can be realized in one balcony. Paving rock slabs can reduce the sense of space fragmentation and satisfy the ornamental function. The house type on the first floor is matched with a small yard. Sometimes, flowers and grass are moved, sometimes clouds and wild cranes are idle, stars are seen in summer, and snow is seen in winter.


▲BOLI sandstone


We cannot define whether any space is successful or not, but for home space, it is the best choice to adapt to daily life.




— END —