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A low-key residential house, interpreting the life yearned for by the urban version



About yearning for life

Everyone's perception is different

Some people pursue noisy, busy and fulfilling cities

Some people want to live in rural areas and be free and loose



Let City People's life slow down

Add a little poetry to life

Both elegant and leisure, and urban fireworks

Yearning for life within reach




The city version yearns for life


Urban beauties love the Chunchun sweetness of sake

After the strong flavor melts, there is a faint trace of throat moistening and cooling

Living in the city without being trapped by the secular world

In fact, life can also choose elegance


With the unique attitude and proposition of urban people in the times

Trigger people and space

Resonance between people and life


▲ Iiving room  BOLI CENIC


Urbanites pursue the unique stability and low-key, which has become the most important driving force in space design. They abandon the red tape and dazzling color pursuit, and easily bring out the sense of nostalgia, fashion and historical massiness with deep and shallow cement floor tiles. The maturity of adults is always after the prosperity is exhausted, and it is rare to be alone when the music ends. The temperament residence forms an integration with the owner and cures each other at this time.

▲ Iiving room  BOLI CENIC


The design of space without main lamp creates a sense of progressive hierarchy, and the thoughts come out step by step with the warm lamp dark and bright, rational, quiet and worried. Dark black is the color that absorbs all things in nature. It is elegant and exquisite in space and shows its unique taste. In the ups and downs of life, the family plays a role of tolerance and understanding, and takes all the host's emotions, just like such a powerful dark power.



The open layout environment depicts deep life scenes, making the space more free and comfortable, and the memory of home slowly unfolds. The natural cement texture floor tile and geometric Rock Island echo each other with black-and-white and light colors, and use lighting design to build a free, flexible and imaginative temperament space. It is like a magical "space magic", which not only brings the basic lighting effect, but also highlights the great artistic appeal.

Attitude towards life.


—— END ——