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It supports the scene and has temperament. It is used for collecting the next villa




Or cotton, or hemp, or silk

One horizontal and one vertical, one weaving


Brocade, silk, embroidery

Wear it on the body, hang it on the door, cover it in the window and spread it on the ground

It's all warm



People, from birth

It is inseparable from fabric

This closeness, since ancient times

Cloth is

Mulan CI in the northern and Southern Dynasties

 “Haw haw,Magnolia household weaving”

Cloth is

Song of wandering children in Tang Dynasty

"The thread in the mother's hand, the wandering son's coat"

Cloth is

Song Rumeng Ling

"The gate is as beautiful as embroidery, and the hall is as bright as day."



Cloth, naturally warm

Cloth pattern is a natural aesthetician

In ancient times, large families used it

Painting screen and embroidering curtain

In this noisy age

Infatuated with cloth pattern

Make qiluo painting screen and return to nature

"The wind is light, the water is heavy and the smoke is thin"

Fine and dense grain like a net, light and light, feels like smoke

The duck head is light yellow, coarse hemp and old gray

Quiet and simple

Elegant and warm

Simple beauty

Beauty lies in nature, comfort and purity


▲BOLI  Seattle·full of elegance and warmth


Visible texture and vein

Horizontal and vertical, longitude and latitude meet

Fine and dense, calm and appropriate

Soft, smooth

Dense, warm and gentle



Light yellow, pure gray

Plain and clear

There is a smell of simplicity

A bit casual, a bit lazy

In the simple style, there is a trace of small literature and art



Fingers across


It's like touching the sweater my grandmother knitted when I was a child

Three dimensional, soft and comfortable

It's a warm memory of home



Not necessarily. Magnificence is luxury

Under a simple appearance

Subtle details

Exudes a faint sense of Zen and leisure

It is a more advanced luxury



High style warmth, elegant taste

Want low-key luxury and temperature

Welcome to taste


BOLI Sesttle





— END —