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The most elegant Chinese style beauty lies in the shade of ink



If oil painting is the spiritual carrier of Westerners

That ink is undoubtedly the embodiment of Chinese taste and feelings


A drop of ink

Drop into water

Or on rice paper

Expand and disperse

Like smoke, like mist

Ethereal and ethereal, there is a Zen in it


In ancient times, the literati liked the red and the green

Dyeing ink on celadon inkstone

Write and paint

The disease is slow and the severity is moderate

The ink is incisive and direct

The landscape, flowers and birds are natural




Ink painting is still the best of refined scholars

Its natural spirituality, elegant style

It has become a symbol of Chinese aesthetics

How to keep the elegant charm of national style in life

Instead of sticking to rice paper and fans?


There is a cloud in the poem——

Ink drops into the water silent shock, such as smoke curl illusory shape Like your figure, separated by light gauze, you can't see clearly


The wonder of ink painting

Is the use of ink

The ancients said:

"The beauty of hiding ink and water lies in the light, not the thick"


BOLI 大理石·卡拉拉


Coke, thick, heavy, light and clear

Five kinds of ink, freely changing

Between thick and thin strokes

Outline some of the spirit of daoguxianfeng



Blank space is the essence of Chinese Aesthetics

Clever blank, leaving room for reverie

Ink and water are blank, but they are empty and real. There are few

Convenient for the plot of heaven and earth

To look at the place without painting



The clouds, or the smoke

Printed on flawless white

For example, it is painted in ink and blue on top white jade

Smart and elegant




The characteristics of Danqing ink

It's not just taste and accomplishment

It is the pursuit of quality of life

Adherence to peace of mind

Light, light and quiet

Without thick ink and heavy color, the artistic conception is deep and quiet

It's not a beautiful building, but it's extraordinary

In one room

Lingering in the fragrance of tea

Enjoy the beauty

It's a wonderful thing in life



Still water flows deep, listening to the noise

People who know the art of life know the beauty of ink and wash

Art grade freehand brushwork Aesthetics


Welcome to enjoy