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The joy of Lingbo and the yearning of a happy home


Think about it

Clear after rain, cloudless

With a family of old and young

Boating in the lake

Rippling layer upon layer

The ripples float like silk and satin, and the shape is soft and beautiful

Flowing lines, such as fine hair, light and smooth

Clean and refreshing

Pure and beautiful, flowing quietly


Clear water, deep flow

Wave heart, slightly swing

Fan Zuyu, a poet of Song Dynasty, sang Tao

"The wind sets the river clear, the landscape is like leisure, the water is clear, the wave shadow falls on the cloud mountain."

Sparkling waves, surging with the wind

Or burst in, or spread

Elegant artistic conception


Slowly flowing wave

It contains the purity of water, the flexibility of waves and the crystal of light

Between the murmurs

Soft and charming

Every eye is relaxed and happy


Lingjiangbo, day and night

It's like an elegant song

Peace and distance

Indifference makes ambition clear

Walking on the waves

Quiet can enjoy the fun of gentle waves



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Microwave circulation, light and shadow overlap
In the wind
Sometimes gray, sometimes white
Quiet and appreciative

It's like a picture

"It's better to have water and sunshine"



In a clear wave of silver


One by one

Turbulence, blending, abundance and tension

It's a bit of a bohemian



Years of peace, a diamond flash

Like the moonlight on the lake

Shining, jumping

Yingyishui, tender

A touch of floating dust and a clear dream



In the grand family

Lingbo music rippling

Deep visible, transparent as jade

It is widely seen as winding as a river

Pure and pure



Big field of vision, microwave waves

The small world is a crystal glory

Wonderful life, surprises everywhere