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Around Gusu, just for the garden drunk



The setting sun is slightly wiped, and the ink is light and crimson

When you come to Gusu, you can see that people are all in the river

Poetry, painting and landscape design, the context of ancient and modern

Suzhou Museum

Suzhou garden, there is no way

A thousand years of history

Near the Canglang Pavilion in the south of the city, as far as Yue Mingxuan

Each family competes for beauty and cleverness

Discard the old ways of life in favour of the new

Suzhou Museum is the best

The pavilions shine on the water, and the blue stones are on the edge

The sun turns grey and the rain turns black

Steel, cement and stone reshape the Jiangnan scenery of powder wall and tile

Triangle window, the square wall turns up

Although there is no cornice angle

Also feel smart and sparse, face vitality


Simple to save the common, deep to fill the light

Behind the moon cave

Double glass curtain leads to infinite depth

Thousands of miles away, misty rain, several mountains

The beauty of a small garden is full of aftertaste

The porch is attractive and the curtain is low
The beauty of geometry perfectly blends Chinese and Western design, reappears the secret

Under the corridor of light and shadow, gentle and quiet

Through the landscape, the whole garden is vivid
Stacking stones in the atrium, not following the ancient law

Cutting stones with steel wire

The mountains spread like a scroll, meandering away

There seems to be light ink on the top of the mountain

Although the mountain is near, it is covered with smoke all day long

It's like an ink painting book

The clear wind and bright moon are priceless, and there are feelings near water and far mountains
Seemingly accidental infinite beauty

It is a great test of one's vision and skill

It's a good structure if it's natural and interesting and can open up new ideas

BOLI sandstone series. 6 design faces per color

In front of the camera

Sand and rock experience nature and time again and again

Smooth local texture gradient, in silence

It reflects the powerful force of geomorphic movement

Like the wall of Suzhou garden

Moss marks, flowers and trees shadow, water stains rendering

The beauty of gardens


| Layered sedimentary pattern, elegant stone pattern and sandstone weathering trace blend with each other, giving 2600 years of cultural tranquility

BOLI sandstone serie. F7622


Under the spotlight, the sand brought by the glaze is crystal clear

It seems to have the same goal as the secret color porcelain

The lotus bowl is one of the collections of Suzhou Museum

Under glaze bubbles of celadon

Praised as "gathering foam and gathering beads" by Huizong of Song Dynasty

Now it's gone

New generation of ancient art

| BOLI 's glaze effect created by the effect glaze can directly reach the warmth and comfort of the people

BOLI sandstone series.F7626


The beauty of Suzhou gardens can be seen in the delicacy of every stone

Flower street is simple and changeable

Elegant gray yellow, calm gray blue

It's a geometric pattern that stretches from foot to foot

Release the charm of blending classical and modern


| Two kinds of high-level plain color, the quiet warmth and elegance, into life


The main brick accessories set off each other, simple and convenient

The details are like fine brushwork

Create a sense of freedom of visual flow


| Humanistic accessories and main brick match, dynamic from static, space decoration more full

BOLI sandstone series. F7625


Natural endowment of sandstone series

Make it with cotton hemp cloth art, wood dry flower and other organic materials

Produce a good affinity

If it is matched with modern materials with beautiful lines

It will turn into an enviable atmosphere