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The living room pattern is open. It's too domineering!



The main function of the house is to meet people's basic individual survival needs and security and stability needs, while social interaction, respect, emotional connection, self realization and other higher-level needs are more important. The most effective change to meet this demand lies in the upgrading of home public space.



When it comes to the upgrading of public space, we have to say that the new space house type "LDK" mode.


LDK space is to connect the living room, dining room and kitchen, and make better use of the public space, so as to appear larger and more convenient for the emotional interaction between families.



LDK integrated design has gradually become popular in China, breaking the original space barrier. This connected space design concept has greatly improved the space utilization rate, created a more obvious effect in style, and upgraded the sense of living experience. This design mode is also conducive to improving the warmth of the home and creating high-level needs for social networking, parents and children, and gatherings.


LDK development has also formed the integration of the living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as the integration of the garden balcony. How to create a good ldkg integrated design, hard decoration layout is very important.



Vertical Hall


There are also many LDK modes, which bring more possibilities for spatial planning. In the common vertical hall layout, the living room, dining room, kitchen and balcony are integrated, common and functional areas are independent, and there are no specific boundaries, which helps to improve the space utilization rate and move more smoothly.



▲ BOLI Copper donamita


The highly recognized vertical hall has the characteristics of wide face and short depth. The floors of the guest restaurant, zhongdaotai and balcony are paved with a series of ceramic tiles. The boundaries of the public space are fuzzy and ambiguous, and the vision is infinitely extended, creating a comfortable and introverted living atmosphere.


The spotlights arranged neatly across the whole public area support the basic lighting of the space. The house type has the advantage of transparent from north to south. The daylighting is very sufficient during the day. The cement floor tiles under the natural light show a warm refraction light, as if a light game is playing.


Through furniture to create a partition between different spaces, each space seems to be independent and closely linked. The integration of the three spaces means that the number of items in the three spaces is stacked together, and the storage space needs to be planned in advance.


A storage cabinet is designed on the wall of one side of the restaurant, which is integrated with the use of Zhongdao platform, and the tableware can be stored at any time; The storage cabinet can easily divide the space and bear the storage function at the same time.



Horizontal Hall


The IMAX central space, which is wide and deep, can see all areas at a glance, showing the pride and luxury of the large flat floor. Restructure the functional layout of the ground floor, coordinate the relationship between western kitchen, Chinese kitchen, restaurant and tea room, and turn the space into a smooth, continuous, open and interactive layout.


▲ BOLI Carrara super white


The guest restaurant is arranged in a row, which makes the permeability, lighting surface, landscape surface and sense of life ceremony to the extreme. The floor tiles take elegant white as the background color, and the ink halo is like clouds, like silk and sand, extending every space, bringing fresh, natural and open visual enjoyment.


The wall at one end of the living room moves backward to create a tea lounge. Living in such a fully functional and spacious space, the sense of happiness and quality rises sharply.


▲ BOLI Carrara super white


The white brick surface reduces the visual sense of weight. Considering that the white surface is too cold, we choose the warm wood color as the balance, and the beautiful interactive atmosphere picture has been presented in our mind.



Giant Hall (square hall)


The design mode of the giant Hall is suitable for modern villas, which includes all family activities in daily life. The public area is larger than other house types.


▲ BOLI Agate beige


In the huge hall with a large building area, create a 180 ° excellent wide view, and the huge windows in the north and South provide more sufficient natural light for the living room. Through the combination and extension of indoor and outdoor, the indoor art and humanities are integrated with the outdoor leisurely scenery, giving residents a comfortable life.



The gray floor tiles display a pure and high-grade feeling, wrapped in a touch of sunshine in the warm sun, and set off the residents' lives with a different style.


The design of "LDK" is not only to open up the space, bring more possibilities to the space, more diversified functional divisions, break the sense of routine living room, and release the design tension under solemnity.


The collision of different space materials inspires the boundless lifestyle in the hearts of residents, improves the quality of life, and also increases the communication and interaction with their families, which is also the important significance of LDK integration.


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