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Are you excited about the three kinds of light and shadow art of ceramic tiles?



A beam of light and shadow extends the length of time

A piece of ceramic tile expands the width of time

Buildings built by light, shadow and ceramic tiles have witnessed the poetry of good times



In the design, wonderful light and shadow

Create a beautiful design effect

Famous architect Le Corbusier

Use light and shadow to create a sense of closeness and mystery with nature

Langxiang church is one of its representative works


The sun shines through the cracks and inlaid gems of the church building

Shine indoors, rendering a different atmosphere

This is a unique experience about light and shadow




Famous French architect Jean Nouvel

A genius architect who uses light to the extreme

Created the world-famous Louvre in Abu Dhabi


A mixture of light and shadow

Like the Buddha light and rain coming at the same time

Show a pleasant world where tranquility and meditation coexist



In space product design

Light and shadow will always be the elegant and perfect expression of designers


With light and shadow, space has a beating soul

Light and shadow collide with objects

Breaking the spatial relationship and interpreting the new life

Gorgeous natural rules and luster in depth



Elegant light, bright light, soft light


Elegant light, bright light and soft light can well express the art of changing light, and spatial emotions can be extended under the different effects of light and shadow, showing good visual effects. It is said that light and shadow are poems to witness time, and candy glaze also describes scenes in a unique way.




Texture elegant light


The first impression of bright light is very amazing, while Yaguang has an advanced sense of cultural heritage, which is calm but intriguing. Like the rocks weathered for thousands of years in nature, the quality, shape, color and texture constitute rich levels, bursting out with soul stirring beauty; The slight changes of light and shadow seem to be endowed with life and emotion, and time and space are dissipated.



The light passing through the elegant light surface is very low-key, and it can't even perceive its existence. The surface only leaves a mottled texture, shaping the original state of tens of thousands of natural scenery, restoring the strange state of rock cliffs and mountain streams, and showing a peaceful and quiet atmosphere with a rough and crazy trend.



The texture of the brick surface is within reach, with a rich touch of subtle concave and convex fluctuations in smoothness. Superimposed with 5D digital mold technology, the unique three-dimensional texture is carefully carved; The true restoration of natural beauty makes the elegant and smooth face have natural affinity.



Elegant light bricks with low gloss can better absorb and diffuse light, realize the characteristics of "non reflective, self luminous", and highlight the texture of elegant light surface materials. With the design of the main lamp, the whole space is clean and tidy with a sense of hierarchy and art, so that residents can return to the essence of life and enjoy the tranquility brought by the space.




Smart light


"Amazing at a glance" describes the feeling of light as the best. The bright surface material can attract people's attention at the first meeting, just like the calm lake under the sunshine, warmly reflecting the reflection of objects, glittering, the breeze blowing, the water waves are gentle, and the swaying willow reflection also shakes, creating a smart and bright visual effect, imitating the artistic conception of Buddha in the pure land of immortals.



Bright bricks have mirror effect, bright luster, crystal clear and flexible, and high reflectivity brings a smooth and cool touch. The light colored bright surface is high-class and atmospheric, and the dark colored bright surface is elegant and stable. High end and luxury have become the main characteristics of bright bricks.



While the sunlight outlines the light shape on the warm brick surface, space and nature overlap, and the clearly visible texture is perfectly integrated with the quality and style of modern life. Pure and neat without losing the rich house heritage, it is highly exciting.



Light is the most effective element in the space. The light can stretch the space infinitely and create a perfect proportion. Luxurious material beauty can also be low-key and modest, with different languages at different times, different brightness with different emotions, and different moods in different seasons.




Gentle and soft light


The gloss of soft light is between bright and matte, with soft light feeling and delicate texture. Like carefully carved jade, it condenses the aura of heaven and earth and shows the essence of the sun and moon. It is gentle and suitable, comfortable to touch and vision; The beauty of its material is like the noble quality of a modest gentleman. It is natural, simple and full of natural interest.



The gloss of soft light is generally between 15 ° ~60 °, which reduces the reflective rate, highlights the skin texture of the material, and is closer to the natural marble visually and qualitatively, so as to achieve the comfort of human body induction. Soft light not only has bright and clean atmosphere, but also has elegant light's low-key introverted, restoring natural visual light and soft and delicate touch.



The gloss of BOLI soft tiles is mostly 35 °, which is carefully made with leading soft polishing technology. The light feeling is soft and not dazzling, and the hand feeling is delicate and gentle. It adapts to the visual comfort of human body, and is conducive to creating a quiet and elegant home space.



The environmental style created by soft light brick and light brick is different, giving people a more comfortable and warm feeling. It can be used in the decorative style of a variety of scenes, especially the current new Chinese style, minimalist design, cream style, etc.



BOLI ceramic tile brings the art of light and shadow into the ceramic tile design, so that the space perception can transmit the ideal living temperature, break the boundary between space and people, and let the residents come out of the monotonous concrete, open their hearts to the vast nature, and light up the high-end life with texture.


Space is endowed with life and emotion by light

Light and shadow complete a profound and moving performance here

It is not just a conventional reflection or translation

It shows a charming charm that is not found elsewhere




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