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The classical beauty of years, love before the Western Yuan Dynasty



From ancient times to modern times

Time brings great changes to the world

The appearance of the earth is constantly changing

It is nature that marks immortality

Mottled rock strata, more than 3700 years ago

Every texture is nature

The crystal of micro flash is also natural



When nature meets time

To be preserved

Clear remains on the stone wall

Line by line

Deep and shallow, overlapping and merging

Immortal poems handed down from ancient civilization



Charm here

It's a record of history

It's the mark of time

According to Wang Bo's poem:

"The shadow of xianyuntan is long day, things change and stars change for several times in autumn"


I want to come

Time goes by

From ad to ad

The change of foreign things is invisible

However, the beauty of elegance is eternal






The gray of time

Grey and white condenses the light of nature

Seeping into the pre-b.c. landscape

Melt in, elegant years

Shining, heavy life


▲ BOLI FP8126B15·Ancient style, ancient taste and classical beauty



Carve slowly, carve carefully

Grind away the rough, fade away the pedantic

Complicated but not disorderly, the thickness is appropriate

This one, kissing by the water

From straight to curved

That piece, touched by the wind

From sharpness to perfection



Every year

Cloud send a white

Add a touch of ash to the mountain

The stone painted a few more black strokes

Quiet product, the color brewed by years



Time embellished diamond flash

Everywhere, there is a flash of inspiration

Flash, flash, one after another

Duoduo halo

Gradually charming eyes



The land of vicissitudes

Big, promising

With a kind of rough, make a vast

Fusion of the original beauty of nature

The taste of time is in it

With an ancient style and charm

Make a house full of elegance



Let the years go by and the classics last forever

Profound classical rhyme, profound merit and fame

Welcome to enjoy


—— END ——