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Enjoy the snow floating in thousands of miles, and store a room of elegant poetry



Northern scenery, thousands of miles frozen


ascend a height to enjoy a distant view


The great wall rises and falls between the mountains


Like a giant dragon


The mighty Yellow River lies on the vast plain


Elegant as jade belt


The vast land is magnificent and poetic


Li Bai said that


"If you want to cross the Yellow River, you will climb the Taihang Mountains with snow."




The wind is blowing, the snow is boundless


Melting in the mountain without edge


Stop the flow


to see little of each other though living nearby


A color of innocence, a vein connected


Gallop to between, put aside in the heart miscellaneous thoughts


Get a calm and free and easy



How many heroes have been


Song for the snow


Praise its greatness and its magnificence


As Chairman Mao wrote


Spring and snow in Qinyuan


"Dancing Silver Snake, as a wax elephant, wants to compare with the heaven"




Everything is vast, and it is moving in a quiet way


When it dances like a silver snake, it is like a wax gallop


Bring a room of romance and freedom


Nature, and passion


The snow is shining, and it haunts the world


It smoothed the mountains and calmed the stream


Waiting for spring flowers to bloom


Listen to the wind and sing the snow


Is it not joyful to be free


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The morning color adds cold, the cloud flies snow


Light as smoke


White as silver


Moist, like jade


Refreshing and bright


The romance of Qiongyao


One step is dream, one step is river and mountain



It's cold to the bone


Layers of cover up


Chaos and impetuosity in the world


From mountains to wilderness


Every thread, burst of transformation


Be determined to face the frost and clear your heart in the cold



Ten thousand rays of sunshine, through the clouds


Under the ice


It's like a deep mountain forest, crystal clear


Like rivers, quiet and bright


Layers of jade murals


Everything in the cave


Dreamy elegance



Thousands of miles of snow, vast


Snowflakes, fairy feather clothes


Make up the scenery of thousands of families


Beautiful, passing through eyes


Peace, reflected in the mood



A cold, is auspicious snow, a good harvest


At a glance, everything is full of competition


With broad vision and lofty aspiration




Welcome to enjoy


—— END ——