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Ceramic tile is a facade, how to choose the ceramic tile with good texture and high appearance value?





ceramic tile——After a long century of development, it has been extended to be the main interior decoration materials.


With the continuous development and progress of the times, the ceramic industry is full of varieties of products, and consumers are overwhelmed. How to choose a good ceramic tile, so that the decoration of their own home has no regrets? Let's summarize the relevant experience and knowledge sharing.




Tiles and makeup are all front faces


For girls, we keep up with the trend and enjoy the fun of dressing up with make-up: constantly planting grass, new color number, and pursuing delicate texture. In fact, ceramic tile and make-up have the same place.


Ceramic tile and make-up are the same, are facade. In the hard decoration of home, the floor and wall occupy the largest visual area. The floor is usually selected from wood floor and ceramic tile, and the wall is usually selected from materials such as paint, wallpaper, wood facing and ceramic tile. As an all-round building material, ceramic tile is widely used.



In home decoration, the visual area of wall and floor is larger


In the process of designing and producing ceramic tiles, the points that need to be considered are actually similar to the color makeup. For example, which color, texture of ceramic tile style more in line with the current trend, how to make stone texture more realistic, texture more uniform and delicate tiles.


Ceramic tile or make-up, color, pattern, light and texture,

Are important considerations


However, the dazzling ceramic tile styles on the market are dazzling. How to choose ceramic tile is a headache for consumers. Today, I'd like to share with you the "experience of selecting tile" and recommend a more popular ceramic tile recently.





Ⅰ. What is ceramic tile and what kind of ceramic tile


// ①What is ceramic tile


In short, to make ceramic tile, it is to grind raw materials such as ceramic clay into fine enough powder. After a series of processes, the powder is pressed into cakes with a press, and then the tile is mad.



▲ Production of ceramic tile



// ②Types of ceramic tiles


When you enter a ceramic tile shop, cement tile, antique tile, whole body tile, vitrified tile, polished tile All kinds of nouns are coming at you and your head is very big.


In fact, the reason why they are so difficult to understand is that they have different classification standards. If the unified standard is understood from the surface layer on the tile blank, then the ceramic tile can be divided into two simple categories


· Polished tile: the surface of the tile is polished, which is bright, resistant to build and has good skid resistance. But the style is less, the appearance is average.

· Glazed tile: glaze on the surface of tile, generally divided into bottom glaze, printing and surface glaze, can be formed through a variety of printing process to form more colorful and beautiful patterns.


▲ Ceramic tile process diagram



Ⅱ. How to choose ceramic tile


// ①Quality assurance of brand tile


At present, the technology of ceramic tile is very mature. As long as it is purchased from regular brands and regular channels, the quality of ceramic tiles is guaranteed, and Guangdong tile is the most famous in China.



// ②No need to over tangle the performance of ceramic tile

Now, the performance of various types of tile is more balanced. For example, early polished tiles had poor stain resistance because of holes in the surface. Now after improvement, manufacturers will add nano protective layer on the surface to enhance the anti fouling ability. The anti slip performance of the glazed tiles has been greatly improved through the siphon like effect.


When selecting tile, we can choose according to different functions, but the performance gap of various tile is not as big as consumers think, so it is not necessary to tangle too much.



// ③Pay for appearance and texture


As a general consumer, buying tile is largely for the sake of beauty.


Different manufacturers of tile, in the good-looking degree and texture will have a greater difference. On the one hand, it tests whether the ceramic tile brand has outstanding design ability, whether it can match good-looking color / pattern, whether it can grasp or even lead the trend; the other is to test the technical ability of the brand, how to make more realistic stone texture, how to make more delicate and symmetrical patterns, and how to have multiple design surfaces (the style with more design surface can avoid the "heavy" of paving and pasting rigid) "Complex feeling", the pattern is coherent and more natural).



// ④Various sizes


In the past, the mainstream sizes were 600 mm x 600 mm and 800 x 800 mm. But with the "big board" of ceramic tile more and more popular with consumers, is growing exponentially, the size of ceramic tile also presents a variety of changes.

Choose what size of ceramic tile, the key depends on personal preferences, as well as the style of the whole family.




Recommended tiles


Among the many favorite products, there is a ceramic tile in the style and texture is very good, a glaze effect, stone texture. With this more prominent ceramic tile, to tell you what aspects need to pay attention to when choosing tile.


// ①Morandi·effect glaze series


In view of the decoration style of some customers is inclined to light luxury style, so we recommend the effect glaze ceramic tile, and our effect glaze series products are quite eye-catching.


// ②What is effect glaze


Effect glaze is a kind of glazed tile mentioned above, but its glaze is more special, commonly known as dry grain glaze. As its name implies, the surface of the glaze has a layer of particles like fine granulated sugar, which will present three-dimensional particles on the ceramic tile, with Matt anti-skid effect.

This glaze sounds delicious, but in fact, the process is more complex. The quality of the effect glaze is greatly affected by the glaze and glaze equipment used by each house. Platinum glaze and equipment are imported from Italy and Spain. Like high-grade cosmetics, it has good luster, delicate light and even particles.


▲ Effect glazed ceramic tile, delicate light sense


// ③Morandi STONE MIX series


The effect glaze mentioned above is only a kind of glaze processing technology, and the pattern and color of the ceramic tile itself have many possibilities, among which platinum's Morandi stone mix series is very popular with consumers.


// ④Color / pattern


There are four colors in this collection: beige, grey, smoky grey and black. It is a new material of marble + stone + cement, with delicate texture and soft color, so that you can enjoy a unique visual experience.



● Size


600 x 600 mm and 300 x 600 mm. Among them, the 600x600mm tile has 12 design faces, which is more suitable for large area paving, and has stronger sense of integration. The 300 mm x 600 mm tile has 24 design surfaces, which is suitable for laying in a more delicate space, which is more abundant.




In the purchase of floor tiles, only consider the pattern and color is not enough. The three-dimensional effect and reflective degree of the surface can bring different feelings when using.

This series of ceramic tiles, the delicate texture of the tile surface is inseparable from the glaze technology, 3D ink-jet printing technology and pattern design.


The mellow beige color contains a sense of holiness, giving a senior soul




This tile is very suitable for modern, light luxury and other styles of decoration. In collocation, the overall use of color can be more convergence, through the bright color of furniture to refresh. Both can metope ground same color, cooperate with the furniture of heavy color of light luxury, appear space harmonious integral whole.




Gray as the dark background of the ground, with the light color furniture and walls of the same gray system, it shows a sense of hierarchy.



Used in the bathroom, can be overall collocation, accessories do local wall, create a sense of picture, let small space also appear more texture.



If you want to decorate light luxury or minimalist style effect, you might as well try platinum tile "Morandi stone mix series", low saturation, natural texture, with good design, you can make a very advanced effect.


When purchasing ceramic tile, suggest everybody goes to the scene feeling more, compare and consider from several aspects mentioned just now.


// Summary

Ceramic tiles, originated in Egypt, were originally used to preserve colors and patterns, to record history, and to decorate various types of houses. And now continue to develop, not only as building materials, but also as a kind of salute and review of ancient stone architecture.




—— END ——