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How does the big board tile shop stick? 5 tips you must know



"Want high end, install big tile! It's not just a slogan, it's a truth! Since the popularity of large board tiles began in 2019, those who can afford to shop large tile and those who can use large tile are high-end customers with good taste.



Big tile brings too many benefits, the atmosphere, simple, fashion, natural, one at a time, clean, clean, even lines, comfortable, relaxed and so on, big tile for home decoration application place is almost omnipresent, like the heroes of the three countries, kill five thousand, omnipresent, thunderbolt. Now, after your decoration space with large tile, visual effect is open, space extension is good, texture realistic and natural, and a stone multi-faceted shop paste effect, texture design and color is not repeated, shop paste gap less, is simply high-end, make appearance level, high standard home.



However, the big tile paste needs a few tricks, otherwise the effort is not effective, to the time to smash the field is possible. What details should I pay attention to? How to shop stick ability not afraid of empty drum? How to carry easily? Today, let me to answer your very concerned questions! Let's see, which points do we need to start with?



1 Mobile artifact

The big tile is bigger! You can't just move! If a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first. In contrast to small tile, large slabs require special handling and pasting tools. Prepare handling wheel, shifter, handling chuck and other tools in advance, with professional tools to carry the big plate to the construction position, or with suckers, hauling rod to carry the big tile, when moving the big tile can be moved with the help of the mobile frame, so as to save effort and save time, it also prevents the damage of the large board tiles.


2 Paste must be prepared

Foundation, wall base is the key, first of all to level, do tile is not empty drum! Want to big tile stick firmly, tile glue is necessary to use, tile glue has liquid and solid, tile glue must be evenly applied on the base and the back of the tile. Because, tile glue is a kind of polymer modified cement-based interface treatment material, can improve the bonding strength of large tile and tile glue. Therefore, if you want the big tile to stick firmly, you must use special materials and ceramic tile glue.



3 Empty drum to check

When the big tile is pasted, be sure to use the toothed scraper binder will be evenly coated on the back of the big tile, wall or ground, pay attention to scraping along the short side of the big tile tooth lines, and the wall and the big tile in the same direction to scrape tooth lines, to facilitate air discharge, avoid tile glue empty drum caused by falling off the problem. One hour after laying, check whether there is empty bulge. Knock the surface of the large plate ceramic tile, if you hear the "empty" sound of the floor tile, must try to re shop paste, tile shop paste 24 hours after the end, can be caulking construction.



4 Paving compaction

The stress area of the large plate ceramic tile is very large. It must ensure that the large plate is flat when it is laid and pasted, and it cannot be high or low. In addition, it must make the large tile and ceramic tile glue fully combined, otherwise uneven or empty drum will appear, which is very fatal for the shop. The ceramic tile level off the ground is stuck on the base, the use of vibrator ceramic tile patting solid paving, easy to discharge bubbles, improve the brick bottom full slurry rate, so as not to produce empty drum phenomenon. When the brick surface is knocked flat with a vibrator, measure with a level ruler to ensure that the tile is laid level.



5 Leveling process

Leveling is a very key step, because there is no national standard for the big tile, and there is no fixed number of how much flatness there is, we must make the big tile leveling before deformation. Use the leveler to flatten the large tile, insert the leveler base every 60cm at the positioned edge of the large tile, insert the leveling wedge and clamp the leveler after checking the leveling, adjust the surface smoothness of the adjacent large tile, and adjust the gap of the large tile to about 2mm, in order to follow-up use of sewing agent to handle. In this way, the shop paste out of the big board ceramic tile, just beautiful.




Ceramic tile of big specification big board is more and more prevalent, the shop sticks in the home not only atmosphere, and have lasting appeal alone. Will invariable tile law changes changeful shop stick a way, so the household space of high outward appearance level is reflected so simply come out. Therefore, the big tile stick master tricks, shop stick is very simple!