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Pass it on! Super white carrara fire out of the loop



To find design inspiration

Our R & D team from Italy to Interlaken

Interlaken is a beautiful tourist town in Switzerland

Here, open the door and you can see

Graceful snow mountain, tile blue sky and clear lake

The scenery is everywhere



Among them, the most famous scenery

It is the "Jungfrau" with the reputation of "the roof of Europe"

Jungfrau is 4158 meters above sea level, the highest peak in Europe

The peak is surrounded by white clouds all year round

It looks like a girl with long hair

Lying quietly between the clouds



R & D team ascends Jungfrau

Instantly moved by the beauty of the holy snow mountain

Quiet, noble, elegant and magnificent

Feel that both body and mind are purified and healed



The white snow is endless

Under the sunshine

The snow grains sparkled with the light of bulingbuling

Look far

Occasionally, there are exposed mountain ridges

Exposed strands of grey black rock mass

It adds a sense of hierarchy that nature should have



Pure and true beauty

The R & D team was shocked

Developed a holy marble product

The flowing marble pattern stretches obliquely


Like the mountain range of Jungfrau

Flowing lines, elegant and soft

Exactly, the charm of a girl

White as snow, light gray as cloud, black gray as mountain ridge

Rich layers, just like the myriad customs of Jungfrau


Jungfrau is bathed in the sun, and the snow is sparkling and lovable

Add the most famous candy glaze of Boli

The candy glaze glows with crystal light

Like the sun on the maiden snow peak

It is as bright as a dreamland


Two sizes


·1200×600mm Slender and unique



·600×600mm Dignified and upright




·Super white carrara - beautiful space display






It makes people move and bite their teeth

Karala is so beautiful






— END —