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5 solutions to solve the problem of living room background wall! Is it too practical



As the visual center of the whole home space, the TV background wall clearly highlights the aesthetic interest of the residents; A good background wall can play a role of highlighting and improving the decoration taste of the whole home. People have to work hard to study how to design this wall well.


Today, I will share with you the current popular design of the living room background wall, and bring you decoration reference with new ideas and novel designs. Get it quickly.




Artistic fireplace design

Beautiful and creative


Roman Rolland said: Fire incubates in all frozen hearts.


In the fast-paced contemporary life, those sealed gentleness must have a fire burning. Perhaps there is no more comfortable place than staying by the fire. Abandoning the traditional TV background wall and leaving the location for the artistic fireplace, decoration and fashion coexist, which integrate well with the home and make the home life more unique.



Fireplace is the product of family life in western society. It has been introduced into China and evolved into an indoor decoration product. Fireplace is found in many high-end houses and private courtyards. Placed in the interior design, it forms a French and European romantic style with hard and soft clothing. It has exceeded the simple practical function and presented a unique cultural function.


▲ BOLI Nordic white oak


·Fireplace design


①The TV background wall originally needs strong decoration, which is practical and stylish with the fireplace design. The TV background wall is a load-bearing wall, and the fireplace can be built in front; If the TV background wall is a non load-bearing wall, the fireplace can be embedded in the wall.


②The living room with a small area can be designed with an artistic fireplace, which occupies a small area and is well decorated to enhance the space style.


③"Wood grain brick + fireplace" is the most harmonious match, creating a pure and warm French style



Storage type background wall

Strong practicability


The storage type background wall has simple and neat lines, and combines the storage function with the aesthetic and practical performance. A large amount of storage space is hidden in the wall in the closed design, which is invisible.


The wall mounted TV is embedded in the TV through the concave shape, which is flush with the whole storage cabinet. It is treated with the hidden light band below, which has a strong overall atmosphere.



▲ BOLI Braccia


If there are many storage requirements at home, the storage cabinet can be designed as a towering cabinet to accommodate more items; The closed storage cabinet creates a minimalist wall, which not only meets the storage function, but also keeps the wall clean, with both appearance and strength.


·Storage type background wall


①Most of the storage type background walls are simple to operate. You can choose the combination of cabinet and shelf, embedded design, metal shelf, etc. to make the wall layer more rich and three-dimensional.


②If the whole locker feels too depressing, you can choose a low cabinet or only make a combination of partial cabinets.


③The TV background wall of the semi open storage cabinet can meet the requirements of open decorative storage, and the top storage cabinet can properly use every inch of space.



Open close translational cabinet door

Minimalist and light luxury


Hidden tracks are installed above and below the cabinet, and the sliding doors on the TV cabinet are pushed and pulled in both directions through the hanging body. This allows the TV cabinet and the bookcase to change freely, which not only increases the creative presentation of the TV background effect, but also enables the TV cabinet to have the property of storing goods.





·Translation cabinet door


①The mobile cabinet door improves the space utilization efficiency of the locker and makes the goods more freely placed. The TV is hidden in it, integrated, neat and beautiful. Between opening and closing, it has a full sense of technology. When all the doors are closed, it can make the appearance of the background wall flat and simple.


②The flexible use of the translational cabinet door, the smooth opening and closing experience and the diversified opening and closing methods give the space unlimited freedom.


③The frameless minimalist style adds beauty and flexibility to the cabinet, and storage and placement become a more personal thing.



Ceramic tile / rock slab background wall

Personalized design


The large-size ceramic tile background wall can be paved all over the wall in a few pieces. The texture is full of personality and is as interesting as an artwork. The application effect of large-size ceramic tiles in the whole space will become more classy and stylish. Moreover, with the current technology of the ceramic industry, large-scale ceramic tiles have a variety of styles, including candy glaze, antique brick, rock plate and other products. Because of the different processes, the effects presented are unique.


▲ BOLI Pandora


The colors and textures on the surface of large-scale tiles are richer and fuller. Several tiles present different and coherent texture effects, which shock the whole space when used.


▲ BOLI White fish maw


▲ BOLI Carrara super white


·Ceramic tile / rock slab background wall


①Large size tiles can greatly reduce the number of tile gaps, making the overall paving application space extension effect more beautiful. It can effectively reduce the problem of hidden dirt between tile gaps, make care easier and cleaning easier.


②The texture expression effect of ceramic tile / rock plate is better, with full texture, strong plasticity and strong decoration.


③Ceramic tile / rock plate can be cut and mixed with various specifications according to the needs of home decoration, and its application is more diversified, bringing a variety of classic applications.



Simple white wall

Simple and comfortable


I like minimalist design better than big white wall. Simply brush the white paint background wall to abandon too much decoration and pursue the purity and rhythm of the space itself. Under the pure white is the undercurrent needed by life. It carries the connection of life in a simple way as possible, quiet and elegant.




The space "blank" design is like an empty container, which can accommodate a variety of soft packaging style switching. Moreover, the transformation of the big white wall is also an enduring topic. If you want to transform the background wall in the later period, it is relatively simple, or you can match the fireplace, or add green plants on the wall. Different wall decorations can create different style experiences. Moreover, the large white wall living room can be changed into a home theater in seconds, which is very in line with the relaxation and entertainment functions loved by young people at present.


·Simple white wall


①Painting large white walls for small houses can ensure the brightness of the space, and it is relatively more convenient to complement colors in the later stage. Matching with some hanging pictures and green plant wall decoration can increase the aesthetics.


②The white walls are highly inclusive, which is equivalent to leaving creative ideas for residents, and can be matched with a variety of furniture. And the simple white wall has an enlarged effect visually.


③House decoration is a big project, and the cost of decoration is laborious. Painting big white walls is simple and easy to operate, which is also a way chosen by most families.


The "background" in the home is very important. An excellent background wall design can add points to the overall effect of the space, which is the focus of home decoration.




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