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Micro cement series | what kind of experience is life in the house



Nowadays, it is a highly personalized living era. Every individual and family has unique living habits and aesthetic taste. Even the difference in geographical location and education level affect the choice of life style.



The designer tried his best to trace the unique temperament of the living space, achieve a perfect balance between people and the living environment, and effectively improve the quality of life.


The demand for living space is that after the return of such a large and busy city to the family, there can be a quiet and relaxing harbor, combining Aesthetics and functions, respecting the lifestyle, highlighting elegance and nature in simplicity, pursuing detail changes in low-key, and seeking delicacy and delicacy in the atmosphere.


▲ BOLI Marmorino


Because the home is highly matched with the living habits of the residents, it gives special temperature to the urban residents.


▲ BOLI Marmorino


The use of micro cement matte material and high-grade gray tone, simple and comfortable, but also the rich level of emotion and deep texture.


The overall space is only presented with simple elements, with appropriate space scale, spacious and comfortable, free to walk and free from bondage.


▲ BOLI Marmorino


No matter what style the contemporary space residence is, it tends to be younger. The characteristics of youth make the space function no longer stick to the past. The restaurant is one of the most representative functional areas, saying goodbye to the traditional single function and becoming a modern and open social place.


▲ BOLI Marmorino


Each space solves the lighting problem and makes the home experience more comfortable. The white cabinet is simple and beautiful, showing the owner's taste, financial resources and personality charm.


Simple and elegant collocation and simple rhythm of life radiate a fresh and calm from inside to outside.


▲ BOLI Marmorino


Express elegance with materials and show neatness with preciseness. The kitchen adopts the same color cabinet combination with gray floor tiles to make the space more novel and beautiful, and the overall luxury is not noisy.



The white tiles are elegant and clean, and will be harmonious with any object; The brick surface has the original ecological texture texture, the matte surface replaces the smooth surface, and the plain surface replaces the luxury, presenting a detailed and extraordinary spatial temperament.


From the perspective of interior style, European classical, classic American and light luxury French are luxurious and publicized, while simple micro cement is low-key and mysterious, and it is a philosophy of life with depth and wisdom, which gives the space sufficient inside support.


The life scenes that the new generation is obsessed with are of course quite different from the flashy and extravagant space concepts. What they value more is art and taste.