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It's beautiful! The sky was full of stars



Summer is long and insects are singing

The trees shake in the breeze

In the gap between branches and leaves

A piece of starlight



Lu You has poetry


"He Han is silent, the sky is green, three three five five full of stars"

Blue sky and other misty rain

Dark night waiting for Stars

Suddenly looked up, stars all over the sky

Quiet and far, bright and bright

A long way to go

Starlight is also a guiding light


Yuheng falls to the north, Tianshu shakes the light

Since ancient times

Stars respond to changes with constancy

In the alternation of the sun and the moon, give life to the earth

Meditation and light

It's like the stars of the sea

Today's bright

It landed in the middle of the hous

The meteor is shining, the silver man is far away

The dark night is not clear

Bright, full of tea

Suddenly I saw seven or eight

Show your face and enjoy the stars

The stars always make people want to take home

▲BOLI  Coper donamita · FP8126B18


The river of stars is gentle

Like a ribbon around a beam

Like a willow

Count carefully

Romance is the misty rain of Jiangnan

The stars shine on me




Noble, elegant and beautiful

On behalf of the night covering all things

Nourish life in silence

Hand in hand with dawn

Wake up the morning light

Meet the beauty at the beginning of the day


When the last ray of light comes to the horizon

The black stool with thick ink and heavy color is coming

the wonders of natural beauty are boundless

The stars are shining all over the sky

It's fine and shiny

Light up the world


The starry sky

Boundless and full

Peaceful Floating Life


The romance of the star sea

Brick by brick

One room and one room

The stars and the Milky way



Bright stars and countless dreams

Shining in peace brings light

Romantic stars in the eye


Welcome to enjoy

BOLI Copper donamita




—— END ——