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It's elegant only for large families. Do you want to have the same model




Chinese traditional furniture

Records in historical reco


"The son of heaven stands on the screen"

The ancients 3000 years ago

Take wood as the frame, Mount crimson silk and draw axe

Become a symbol of imperial power


Spread to later generations, princes, nobles, etc

And painted mountains and seas on the screen

The painting is beautiful and magnificent, showing a myriad of atmosphere

Just like that sentence

"Book cover, Fairy Book, painting screen, mountain and sea map"

Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, in a picture screen

One painting a world



I am China, up and down 5000 years

Outstanding people, Zhong lingyuxiu

Just twist it

It will last forever

This is the background

How can we not swallow thousands of miles like a tiger


A black pen depicts the mountains

Two strokes of emerald paint a layer of forest

Three strokes red, dye long gorge

Long two or three yellow, autumn leaves fall on the hills

Add a few more white, the rivers and mountains are thousands of miles away


▲BOLI  Cloth screen


Carefully carved on nature

what the heart wishes one 's hands accomplish

Free and easy look

It also has the meaning of writing dragon and snake

More ancient and elegant


Gray black, pure white, emerald green, goose yellow and red


Bright, gorgeous, plump and colorful

As the poem says


The mica column in the brocade is woven into a crack on the rosy clouds

The mountains and rivers are full of spring movement, and the immortals come to the scene

Beautiful mountains and rivers

Add a magnificent beauty to the room


Gentle and warm

Bright and clean without dazzling

Just like in Du Mu's poems


"Silver candle, autumn light, cold picture screen, light Luo small fan fluttering at fireflies"

A leisurely and quiet atmosphere

To have a comfortable life



Picturesque landscape


It's easy to get on paper

It's better to meet each other

Let's do it

Magnificent and magnificent


When the water is idle, the mirror turns, and the clouds move around the picture screen

Immoral affairs through the ages, famous and virtuous people share this time

Have a big background

There is great pride


Welcome to taste

BOLI  Cloth screen






— END —