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After reading the suite, I tore up the rendering on my hand



"The moonlight pours quietly on the leaves and flowers like running water. A thin green mist floats in the lotus pond. The leaves and flowers seem to have been washed in milk; they are also like a dream with a veil.”


——From moonlight in the lotus pond by Zhu Ziqing


The moonlight in the lotus pond written by Zhu Ziqing depicts a kind of quiet beauty. He is far away from the downtown and travels in the lotus pond at night. He feels a rare freedom in spirit. The beautiful and quiet moonlight in the lotus pond is pleasing to the eye and easier to express his feelings through the scenery. The character of lotus out of sludge and not stained, and the noble and innocent moon is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It returns to current life and has insight into human living space. Mr. Zhang's residence in Dongguan slowly opens a new chapter of beautiful yearning for life with the theme of "Moonlight in the lotus pond" and new Chinese design techniques.




▲ BOLI Carrara super white


When you enter the house, you can feel a leisurely atmosphere and create a relaxed and pleasant mood of returning home. The charm of the new Chinese style lies in retaining the unique charm of the East, extending the modern light luxury texture, extraordinary temperament and elegant aesthetics. It is a residence that can live for a long time.


·Living room ·


▲ BOLI Carrara super white


The regular space does not have too many complex shapes. The white background is simple, and the quiet BOLI Carrara light feeling is calm. The paving of the whole house affects the dignity of the whole space. The soft jade texture shows the artistic beauty of lines, and the noble quality of the owner is brought out slowly. Jade can concentrate and Nourish Qi, but also highlight the noble temperament.


▲ BOLI Carrara super white


The lack of spiritual movement in most Chinese spaces is in opposition here. The new Chinese style pays more attention to the interaction between houses and people. Houses condense people's thoughts, integrate essence and spirit, and feed back people's life preferences and habits. Everything dominated by people allows each space to play its own function and simplify everything. This is the case of texture life.


▲ BOLI Carrara super white


·Bedroom ·


▲ BOLI Wooden series


While retaining Chinese elements in style, the bedroom is more inclined to modern light luxury design. The texture is delicate and gentle, and a smell of logs from nature comes to our face, making the space very warm and fresh.



Each space gives full play to its own attributes in the form of association and distinction, and highlights the temperament of new Chinese style clouds like flowing water in space furnishings. The Chinese classical elements derived from elegant style and family style. Based on tradition and innovation, it has formed its own school after continuous refining and enrichment, showing an extremely strong oriental style.


The moonlight in the lotus pond in one room is so luxurious and beautiful.




—— END ——