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The charm of water mist curl, the profound oriental beauty



Several plum trees in the corner of the wall, and Ling Han opens alone

It is not snow, for there is a fragrance

Plum blossom has been the object of praise by literati and ink from ancient times

Some people respect their steadfast spirit

Some people admire their unbelief character

Some people appreciate their non vulgar personality

More people, yearning for their free and contentious leisure



Lin Fu, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote in Xiaomei in the mountain garden:

"Thin shadow, clear water, faint fragrance, moon and dusk"

Known as the "eternal song of plum"

Try to daydream about it

Plum blossoms are light and charming on the water

The fragrance is invisible and secluded, and comes with the wind at dusk



With the clarity of water, you can see the beauty of plum

When the moon is dim, smell its fragrance

This is a wonderful scene

Although the secret fragrance in the eternal masterpiece can not be re engraved

It is not difficult to describe the quiet and pleasant atmosphere

I'm used to seeing the traffic in the city

Read the bustle and noise of the world

There is always a yearning for nature and peace

Wavy texture of water

Free extension, flowing silently

Quiet at the same time, with unlimited dynamic


▲BOLI Morandi·cenic


Light sunlight brewed beige, warm and soft

Murmuring stream wash of gray, elegant calm

Low saturation + Advanced gray control

Create a tranquil and healing Morandi tone

Abandon the outside disturbance, sweep away all the tension and fatigue

Give peace of mind



The charm of water mist curl can highlight the return to simplicity

Simple and elegant colors, hand-painted patterns

Wanton, ethereal and unremarkable tenderness

It is permeated with profound oriental beauty



Du Fu had a poem saying:

"The stars fall flat and the fields are wide, the moon flows into the river"

Crystal texture brought by imported glaze 5.0

As dense as the stars in the night sky

Restore the comfortable complacency of starry sky and vast pingye



Regular specifications

The ripples of the water flow can be diffused and extended

Don't be confined to every inch

Perfect match elegant and advanced personality space



Never heard of Mei Xiang

In the prosperous city, enjoy a pleasant quiet

Welcome to enjoy

BOLI Morandi