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I think you have strange bones and ambition. There must be a background wall



In modern household, the new Chinese style design contains Chinese traditional culture, with a layer of mysterious and elegant Chinese charm. Combined with modern technology, it realizes the innovative expression of material, charm, color and artistic conception.



The elegant life of Chinese style is poetic and moving. It is a plain time and a peaceful time. A living room with tea fragrance and ink rhyme gives people a calm and quiet power.



Calligraphy and painting wall decoration is rich in Chinese cultural elements, which not only shows the owner's calm and clear mind, but also adds moving natural style.


"Mountain scenery and water color" series background wall

Full of pen and ink, Oriental charm



The design inspiration comes from the landscape painting written by the painter. The pen is smooth, the ink is clear, and the show is male. It is a typical symbol of Chinese classical humanistic spirit; Home decoration is elegant when there are mountains and waters. It focuses on the nature of the times, inherits the interest of pen and ink, is rooted in landscape creation, and creates decorations with the characteristics of the times.

Between mountains and rivers

Ink splashing landscape has a high artistic conception


Between mountains and rivers

Alpina Hylla Snowwhite



The clean and moist white brick surface captures and refines the natural feeling and charm with the beautiful moment of stroke, and the changing ink and wash renders the landscape fairyland; Thick ink and light ink are intertwined, with a blend of long-range and close-range, rich sense of hierarchy and profound heritage.



Landscape creation is an effective way to approach nature. A "landscape" with high artistic conception can make people feel the unique charm of mountain posture and water color, continuous spiritual atmosphere, simple and advanced space, and highlight the leisure of elegant people.



Top of green clouds

The artistic scene is naturally beautiful and unrestrained


Top of green clouds




"The top of the blue clouds" is like a huge splash ink landscape painting, which can be collected and put in ink. It boldly and freely outlines the magnificent mountain and river scenery, either dense or thick. The ink color is mixed and permeated, with incisive meaning. The 98 ° bright surface is polished by layers of technology, which is crystal clear and delicate, which is unforgettable.



The design of the large brick surface makes the whole work magnificent and far-reaching, with lofty mountains and towering clouds, as if echoing far-reaching mountains and gradually entering the ideal realm of blending feelings and scenes, highlighting the large pattern of space and the great realm of life.


Dusk snow on thousands of mountains

Snow falls on thousands of mountains, which is flexible and natural


Dusk snow on thousands of mountains

Bianco Statuario Vena Reale



The snow falls in winter, and the continuous mountains are white, forming a unique color for thousands of miles. It is wrapped in silver and extremely charming. The white marble is simple and elegant, with light gray texture, which is like the trend of the mountain covered by heavy snow, looming, extending freely, flexible and natural.



Depicting the magnificent snow scenery of thousands of mountains, surrounded by clouds and fog on the mountainside of snow mountains, all get the charm of nature; Gray and white are combined into a classic collocation, fashionable and elegant, full of the sense of freedom and pleasure of mountains and stones in the snow, with far-reaching and ethereal artistic conception, quiet but not empty.



The background wall of mountain scenery and water color series is a masterpiece of nature, a silent poem, immortal painting and a microcosm of the world. Decorative works of art with the characteristics of the times open people's spiritual gate and tap their hearts.



The ideal home life should be to go into nature, feel the magnificent scenery of mountains and rivers, and achieve the unity of humanities, nature and art. This is a good family style.


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