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2022 high-end exquisite residential decoration strategy will never make mistakes!



Simplicity is the ultimate essence of modern style

Is the essence revealed after the prosperity fades

The form is simple, but it highlights the original bearing

Direct to the comfort that people want most



The house carries simple homing function and presents aesthetics. More importantly, it can help residents choose a way of life, and the design is carried out accordingly; Combined with the owner's taste and living habits, with simple fashion decoration design, give full play to the advantages of house type, and create a residential space with strong practicability, fashion, elegance and light luxury. It not only has high appearance value, but also has a full sense of happiness.



Starting from the terms of fashion and light luxury, architecture and fashion items can also become interesting cross-border combinations. After all, art knows no borders. Bulgari, which has become synonymous with luxury, pursues to return to people's initial and basic needs: hoping to design some durable classic works.


The whole uses the warm coffee brown preferred by Bulgari, which is incarnated into a high-end matching color system. It is dotted downstream of the large gray and white surface structure, and plays a perceptual role in absolute reason, so as to achieve a sense of fashion and warm peace, and make the flat and light home space more gorgeous and leisurely expressed.


▲Living room ·  BOLI copper donamita


The layout of the living room and dining room breaks the conventional space boundary, uses lines to emphasize the connection between space and space and the division of regions, and presents them in a coherent way. The open pattern layout makes the space more spacious. Enhance the brightness and create a light atmosphere. The three-dimensional frame forms the visual center, and the space naturally lingers with warmth and comfort.


▲ BOLI  copper donamita


Brown "copper donamita " is a main material loved by the owner. It is widely used in the living room, kitchen and restaurant. Its marble grain is as towering and magnificent as a canyon in the mountain. It visually forms an infinite expansion effect, open artistic conception, rich gray, fashionable and stable, which is consistent with the temperament of the living owner.



Using the natural texture and natural color of walnut, the background wall is endowed with simple and authentic texture. The cold marble tiles and warm wood colors collide harmoniously, which not only has the tonality of fashion, but also does not lose the smoke and anger of the world.



The curtain of life is often opened with the simplest lines, just like every morning and every afternoon, without deliberate, elegant and natural. Elegant white is the natural color of life. With scattered walnut color, color brings fireworks to life.


▲Master bedroom ·  BOLI wooden series


The master bedroom is dominated by light tone log style, the use of color is warm and restrained, and the good material and texture of wood grain brick are deliberately selected to set off the quiet and atmospheric space. When the residents return to this small world, they will arouse the greatest sense of tolerance and stability in their hearts.


▲Secondary recumbent ·  BOLI wooden series


Starting from the lifestyle of residents, reasonably allocate various functional spaces. The bedroom is paved with wood grain bricks, which gives birth to a simple and flexible warmth. The extended windowsill can feel the sunrise and sunset every day, and the light and shadow float, warm and overflowing.


The high-end light luxury residence made of simple warm coffee brown in the whole house is not only the "gold" on the surface seen by the eyes, but the extension and shaping of the core of quality, detail, emotion, art and atmosphere. It is a powerful interpretation of the exclusive self life style.


Bid farewell to the mediocre and stereotyped style, inject more functions and imagination space into life, create corresponding spatial expression between generous scales, and fully reveal the self proposition of light and luxurious life in the city.