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Appreciate the Xijiangyue together, do you agree?




Another name for the ancient Yangtze River

The birthplace of history, passed down for thousands of years

majestic, majestic, deep, broad

And the river view at night

Undoubtedly the most beautiful

The Tang Dynasty poet Ouyang Jiong once praised:

"The moon reflects the autumn waters of the Yangtze River, and the stars are clearly cold soaked"

I'm talking about the river scene under this month



Dark night, dark sky, bright moonlight

The vast river

like a beautiful blue satin


flowing slowly

don't be poetic



River surging, sparkling waves

when turbulent

Passionate and handsome


gentle, quiet, beautiful

BOLI agate grey

With a graceful and relaxed attitude

The extraordinary spirit


Delicate stone pattern, layers are closely connected

Among the gray and white, with a little elegant blues

Bright candy, full of happiness and sweetness

Tall and majestic, full of security


Slender and flexible stone pattern

layer upon layer

Movement is natural and smooth

The magnificent and vast scenery is infinite scenery


▲ BOLI agare grey·lingxiu, relaxed and extraordinary


Gray and white, simple atmosphere

Micro blues, fresh and elegant

Under the fusion, harmonious nature

Like a gentle and quiet river

It makes you feel comfortable




faintly jumping light light

It is the brilliance of candy particles

romantic and luxurious

Sweet upgrade, double happiness


Tall and big one meter two

Magnificent, elegant and moving

Presenting the beauty of the river




crowned with graceful ease

extraordinary achievement

Build a river view into your home and let the blessings roll in

Welcome to tasting

BOLI agate grey