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I can't hide it. The city of the sky is beautiful beyond the sky!



Master Hayao Miyazaki's classic animation "city of the sky"

There is a huge mechanical Island floating in the air

It is said that it is as beautiful as heaven

And its prototype is Italy

North of Rome

The ancient city of Bailu Rizhao, 120 kilometers away



The ancient city was built 2500 years ago

It is located on a huge limestone in a steep valley

It is only connected to the outside world by a long pedestrian bridge

When it fogs, the whole city seems to float on the clouds

Therefore, it is called "the city of the sky"



The midsummer of 2019

Boli R & D team visited Tuscany, Italy

The designer is a local

At his repeated strong invitation

We went to the famous city of the sky together



Because it can't open to traffic

It was evening when we climbed the ancient city

The mountain haze rises and the clouds rise

At first, it was pure blue

Less than a quarter of an hour

Blue, yellow, white and gray

Dream, tranquility, aestheticism and romance

Beauty is as gorgeous as oil painting

It is as wonderful as a fairy tale


This exciting and beautiful scenery

Let the R & D engineers have a sudden inspiration

Immediately decided to develop an oil painting


Tranquil natural charm


Dreamy clouds



Created in the style of Western oil painting

20 times before and after the final draft

The slender and elegant cloud patterns are stacked

Describe the leisurely relief of floating clouds on the horizon

Grey in the morning, blue in the night

Carelessly embellished with a wisp of gold


It seems that we have returned to the summer of the city of the sky



Sparkle candy



Fairy tales are always beautiful and sweet

Then how can there be no candy glaze

Dry candy grains create a sparkling and moving crystal texture

In the sky of oil painting, it twinkles smartly

Romantic as the stars at night

The city of the sky is sublimated here



Two colors



Grey in the morning, elegant and simple



Night blue, enchanting advanced




·Beautiful space display






Since its introduction

It has always been a hot seller




— END —