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A good lighting design. After reading it, I want to have



No main lamp design

With main light design

Intelligent space lighting


Modern people's living space can not be separated from lighting design


When the functions carried by lamps and lanterns are not limited to lighting, more and more new era lighting combining modern technology and decorative aesthetics emerge.


The lighting design concept here explores the impact of lighting on people's home scenes from the perspective of physiology and psychology, and combines with the selection of space hard decoration materials to bring lamps with rich aesthetic design and comfortable experience for various scenes and atmosphere lighting of modern life.


How to better present a more comfortable environment? This time, the facility designer chose the micro cement series of Brilliant to create an immersive living environment for consumers from texture, design, health and other dimensions, feel the high-quality life brought by lighting, stimulate internal design thinking through the visual sense, and arouse people's iterative demand for living forms.





Living room porch




▲ BOLI Micro cement Texi


The hallway is designed with the space attribute of an open exhibition, and the BOLI micro cement Texi series is used to build a simple and clean space. The clean visual experience is even better. The whole scene brings a wonderful feeling of "human lighting" at the entrance.


Against the background of soft light, the surface of the rock slab presents a unique texture. The light is decorating the space, and the bricks are setting off the rigorous lighting aesthetics.


▲ BOLI Micro cement Texi





Arc background




▲ BOLI Micro cement Luce


Circle is a very wonderful shape. The world is round, ranging from stars to the solar system and the Milky Way, and even the endless universe that we can't see the whole picture. It is a superb design technique to use circle to convey the operation of both material and spiritual fields.


Along the axis of light and shadow, enjoy the moment of staying in the end scene.


▲ BOLI Micro cement Luce


The combination of arc holes and square blocks perfectly shows the lighting effects of different types of lamps, with a strong sense of art.





Simulation space

Walk with the light



▲ BOLI Micro cement Resifan


By intelligently controlling the temperature and color temperature changes of lights, we can simulate the natural changes at different times, so that people can feel the scenery of the four seasons indoors.


▲ BOLI Micro cement Resifan


While caring for human health, excellent lighting can always create an appropriate atmosphere. With the blessing of light gray floor tiles, it seems that both parties have finally found a long lost spirit of contract:


“You know my texture, I know your superior”.


The light and shadow spread along the established path, making the space more interesting and richer, which makes people immerse in it.


Feel the myriad possibilities of "light", enhance the transformation of the sense of psychological ritual, so that the residence is no longer only satisfied with basic needs, but more interesting to walk in the dynamic line and rhythm of space.