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Give me 10000 reasons to lay wood grain bricks in the living room!!



Whether the decoration is good or not depends on the living room, so the importance of the living room, which represents the facade of the house, is self-evident.


In everyone's subconscious, the living room is the most frequently used space in daily life. The floor tiles naturally exclude the delicate wooden floor, and there is only one option for ceramic tiles: wear resistance and unified atmosphere. With the diversification of space aesthetics, how can wood grain, a product with both natural beauty and humanistic flavor, be integrated into the application of living room space? Easy to take care of and good-looking wood grain bricks have become the choice of more young people nowadays! Integrating the advantages of wood flooring and ceramic tiles, it breaks the limitations of application. If you want to move the beauty of natural wood grain into the living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, bedroom, study and other whole room spaces, wood grain bricks can give you such freedom!


▲ BOLI Nordic white oak



『Wood tiles』

Combine the advantages of ceramic tile and wood floor


The surface of wood grain brick imitates the texture of wood rings, with realistic effect. It comes from the warm log color of nature. It is spread in the living room in a large area, as if it is in a forest like artistic conception. With luxuriant plants and simple furniture, it creates a leisure, fresh and artistic atmosphere as a whole.



▲ BOLI Royal teak


The surface characteristics of wood grain bricks easily create an extremely comfortable home environment, taking you into the depths of the forest and feeling the green natural atmosphere.


Wood grain brick not only has the texture and touch of natural wood, but also has the general function of ceramic tiles. It is a rare excellent decoration material.


· Advantages of wood grain brick

① Like ceramic tiles, it is easy to clean and take care of daily, without too much post maintenance effort.

② Good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, fireproof and waterproof, durable.

③It has a high appearance value and can match a variety of styles.

④ The wood grain pattern is extremely lifelike, with the same noble quality as wood, and the high-end texture of the paving space is of high grade.

⑤ It can be paved in various spaces, with various styles and specifications, including 1200x600mm/1200x200mm/900x200mm, and more options.


The design inspiration of wood grain brick is very diverse, including many valuable tree species in nature, such as northern European white oak, Royal teak, Mississippi hickory, etc. it imitates the texture of natural trees, and even adds a touch of texture to the surface of the brick, as if what you step on is not a brick, but tree rings, tree bumps, and suntanned wood cracks.


If you want the warm and comfortable texture of the wooden floor and the easy care function of the ceramic tiles, it must be right to decorate with wood grain bricks.


▲ BOLI Mississippi Pecan



『Wood tiles』case

The breath of nature • slowly comfortable


With natural colors and characteristic materials, wood grain bricks can more fully express the appearance characteristics and living spirit, so that people can experience the fun of ordinary life and the beauty of nature in the rapidly changing space and time.


▲ BOLI Mississippi Pecan


The environment brings people concrete and emotional cognition, which is imperceptible and extremely deep. If the interior has a natural atmosphere, then the residents in this space can be more comfortable and focused.


Flowers, trees, running water, light and wind build a harmonious living space, which eases the pace of the world. When the noise and impetuousness fade, the air flows freely, and the residents have a more detailed and appropriate feeling of its subtle and vibrant transformation, experience the present, heal the body and mind, and be relaxed.


▲ BOLI Mississippi Pecan


Angry, flexible and natural softness are the emotions conveyed by the lifelike natural texture and excellent spatial expressiveness of wood grain bricks. The style is soft, warm and comfortable. Whether it is mixed or paved, it can bring a unique sense of intimacy. Therefore, wood grain bricks extend the cream style, log style and simple style decoration of the current ten branches, with a wider and freer application range.


▲ BOLI Mississippi Pecan


Wood grain bricks can not only adapt to a variety of styles and functions, but also show different charm in the way of paving. Fishbone stickers, simple and good-looking character stickers, unique diagonal shop, and common I-shaped dislocation shop stickers are popular throughout the network. They are combined in a variety of ways to create a personalized space effect and meet the various living needs of modern people.




Wood grain bricks are playing with various patterns, which can't be compared with other decoration materials. Xiaobian commented: how can we get less wood grain bricks for home decoration!






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