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Well, isn't that what you want to live?



You love art

In my spare time, I learned pottery and flower arrangement

There are a few nice pieces in the house



You like to go to art fairs

Follow all relevant news at home and abroad

Experience all over the world in your spare time

Works by artists



You like to listen to textured music

I bought an old record player for this purpose

Let the ear feel the sound of time


You like reading

You say the words, like beating notes

Into the house, straight to the heart

Soothed the restless and unwilling heart


You have elegant manners

You love art



Maybe it's your life


It's the life you want to live


The texture life of platinum ceramics

It's a light waiting for you home

A tile with warm tentacles

Texture life, in addition to the texture of the definition of style

And the story of the home you made



Crawley,multivariate gray

Crawley 's grays, such as beach silver sand, urban cement

They don't necessarily inspire artistic creation

But will let the life grey quietly elegant and not monotonous 

BOLI丨Modern antique -Crawley series


Crawlwy,soft texture

Like ripples on the sea

The village runs along a winding path

Take a look at the sea behind you

Take a look at the small village in front of you


Art is simple

Simple feeling should blend in the life


Interpret household soft tone with light and elegant color

No matter home abroad, the theme of the home changeless wants comfortable

Crawley Grey from China's antique brick color research and development base

Grey is very soft, with full comfort texture


BOLI丨Modern antique -Crawley series


The texture has the taste of life to be more real

It's not really what it looks like

Warm feeling texture and comfortable soft tone, light classical flavor arises spontaneously



Venus, the ideal beauty of defects

Soft texture, color quietly elegant

The excellent quality of the first class stone

Unique crack effect, full of imagination

A natural, unreplicable beauty 

BOLI丨Modern antique -Crawley series


Elegant and comfortable colors

Selected light gray and dark gray 2 colors

Application good match good match

Visual comfort and elegance


Art in life is everywhere

Don't limit your gaze to one corner

You'll miss out on a lot of the artistic beauty of life